Two Whispers of the Heart ~ For Tee

The progression of a first time collaboration.

I am not a poet, never even claimed to be. In fact have never  tried my hand at it. I had no idea of the possibilities. However friends often see things we cannot see in ourselves. This is what is happening for me. Friends taking some simple words I write and expounding on them with their incredible talent. Sharing with like-minded & heart people is something special I am just learning thanks to my blogging family of writers.  I am inspired by their faith in me. 

From Tee’s Blog teeceeconcil blog
Something was created by two people who do not know each other very well. Yet two hearts can still whisper the same message.

Thank you so much Tee. This has been awesome!

A simple comment on a friends blog”

“Music provided, spirit open,

whispers to the heart 

I Hope You Dance!”

And a friend responds in like:

Triggering sweet sensations. Inspiring lovely imaginations.

I Hope you dance:

Where will I go today

of course, I will

I Hope You Dance


The  Unintended Collaboration

Music provided,  Triggering sweet sensations

spirit open, Inspiring lovely imaginations

whispers to the heart 

I Hope You Dance

I Hope you dance:

Where will I go today

of course, I will

I Hope You Dance

Thanks so much Tee!  

Very Cool my friend!

Tee & Toni collaborate

16 thoughts on “Two Whispers of the Heart ~ For Tee

    • No one was more astonished that this happened than I. And Tee.
      The emotions evoked that day are still with me. I have not been able to repeat that despite working on a couple poems. As I told Tee, I will not be deterred. There is a reason some people come into our lives.

      Thanks Angie for yiur comments`

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    • Thank you Maxi! I believe you are aware and know what I am expriencing.. and I want you to know how special that is for me. I need not say a word, and you know.,

      This spirit is soaring and loving the flight all the way ~
      Much love my Sister ~ BB

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  3. Thanks Toni! This is quite creative of you!

    Tee and Toni collaborate!
    This took chance to initiate.
    Wandering where to appropriate
    these few lines to appreciate.

    Chance is not an accident.
    Just imagine the incident,
    without prior precedent;
    I now feel like a president!

    I just want to use this chance
    to say thanks to this great chance
    for giving us a brand new chance
    to enjoy favour just by chance.

    I’m so excited excited, keep up the good work! I’m still wondering where all of this will lead. 🙂

    • Alas Tee.. where it shall lead us is not the point in my mind & heart my friend,
      Is it not about the journey, this journey that we are on, and not the destination?
      It will lead us to many more whispers of the heart as friendship grows from this chance.
      Take a risk, kick self-limiting beliefs to the way side.
      Dance until we cannot dance no more. Oh Yeah!!

      Thank you for the newest!

      • The dance has begun and the melodies are sweet. I will keep dancing as each new melody unfolds. To enjoy while it lasts and to hope that it lasts forever maybe my pick on this. Inspiration never ends as far as the sweet melody place. Dance, I will. And dance again, until… I just hope it never ends! 🙂

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