Archive | September 19, 2012

Making Paper Garden?

My friend  & sister of the the heart had asked about my paper roses. This is for her  I have a close-up of a couple that were made  ( 20 ) for a Red Hat High Tea in 2011. Although I do create them just out of paper and adhesive they are not my original technique; they can be found in plenty in the paper art world. Making them especially in the evening with music relaxes me.  Works out great for a lowly old piece of paper. These paper roses were used to decorate individual tea boxes that sat on each table. They have nothing else embellished to them. There a few other ways to dress them up and one is using micro=glitter so it looks like fine drops of dew. Fun.~

Paper Roses: materials: pattern scrapbook paper & Aileen’s Tacky adhesive