Making Paper Garden?

My friend  & sister of the the heart had asked about my paper roses. This is for her  I have a close-up of a couple that were made  ( 20 ) for a Red Hat High Tea in 2011. Although I do create them just out of paper and adhesive they are not my original technique; they can be found in plenty in the paper art world. Making them especially in the evening with music relaxes me.  Works out great for a lowly old piece of paper. These paper roses were used to decorate individual tea boxes that sat on each table. They have nothing else embellished to them. There a few other ways to dress them up and one is using micro=glitter so it looks like fine drops of dew. Fun.~

Paper Roses: materials: pattern scrapbook paper & Aileen’s Tacky adhesive


23 thoughts on “Making Paper Garden?

    • Thank you Angie! Here we have been bloggin buddies usrd for about a year and I never knew tha that about you. There are hundreds of tutorials on youtube or just ask me, I can send diretions.I have two techniques

      Do some and then share in this paper garden.

  1. Good job, BB. Your roses are lovely. These creations are one way to distract from the pain and suffering; a way to bring joy into your life.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

    • I want to know how Tess!! Please?? I have done tissue fliwers where you accrdiona fold, then gently pull each layer out. But wax dipped? AWsome! I am more than intriqued, always looking for more techniques. the more unusual the better.

      Thanks Tess, I’ll be watching for an answer…….~ BB

  2. These are SO SO gorgeous–and that glitter for dew idea sounds really wonderful! Hey, if I ever get married again (har har), will you do the flowers?

    • aww Jules thank you.
      Have to keep these hands busy to keep me out of trouble, Off the streets, out of the pubs, you know..the kinds of things that could cause me trouble… nah,,
      I just like to keep my hands busy ~

  3. BB~~I have no time right now…just coming around from a nap I “had” to take. Would you believe I was frozen? Yes, I know you would. Aching and sore before class…grrrr. But for now, I wanted to let you know I saw them and WOWZERS! More later. I promise. For now, I need to assemble myself for class and I’ll need every second of the two hours I have until I need to leave! Much love sweet lady!!

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