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World Wide White-Out For Peace





Making Paper Garden?

My friend  & sister of the the heart had asked about my paper roses. This is for her  I have a close-up of a couple that were made  ( 20 ) for a Red Hat High Tea in 2011. Although I do create them just out of paper and adhesive they are not my original technique; they can be found in plenty in the paper art world. Making them especially in the evening with music relaxes me.  Works out great for a lowly old piece of paper. These paper roses were used to decorate individual tea boxes that sat on each table. They have nothing else embellished to them. There a few other ways to dress them up and one is using micro=glitter so it looks like fine drops of dew. Fun.~

Paper Roses: materials: pattern scrapbook paper & Aileen’s Tacky adhesive


Two Whispers of the Heart ~ For Tee

The progression of a first time collaboration.

I am not a poet, never even claimed to be. In fact have never  tried my hand at it. I had no idea of the possibilities. However friends often see things we cannot see in ourselves. This is what is happening for me. Friends taking some simple words I write and expounding on them with their incredible talent. Sharing with like-minded & heart people is something special I am just learning thanks to my blogging family of writers.  I am inspired by their faith in me. 

From Tee’s Blog teeceeconcil blog
Something was created by two people who do not know each other very well. Yet two hearts can still whisper the same message.

Thank you so much Tee. This has been awesome!

A simple comment on a friends blog”

“Music provided, spirit open,

whispers to the heart 

I Hope You Dance!”

And a friend responds in like:

Triggering sweet sensations. Inspiring lovely imaginations.

I Hope you dance:

Where will I go today

of course, I will

I Hope You Dance


The  Unintended Collaboration

Music provided,  Triggering sweet sensations

spirit open, Inspiring lovely imaginations

whispers to the heart 

I Hope You Dance

I Hope you dance:

Where will I go today

of course, I will

I Hope You Dance

Thanks so much Tee!  

Very Cool my friend!

Tee & Toni collaborate