Still Soaring On Creatve Wings

{ Filling a personal request here. Thank you for asking.}
This is what I do to stay out of trouble. Look For Your own challenge at end of this post.
Hand Crafted Greeting Cards
Some of my art. Hand Crafted Greeting Cards created over the summer. These are just a sampling, I had a prolific summer with Paper Arts this year.  A lot, if not all of the embellished card elements are also mine. Such as the Paper 3D roses, the fan, the mini canvassed collage.
 It takes just a note of inspiration like I found this summer and the rest is very Zen like work for me. Using my creative energy is also a great distraction from  stress & pain. It’s a win, win, relationship I have with paper.  I have a great passion for paper and the arts; molding, folding, and sculpting paper  and with it I have found relaxes me. Something you have done almost your whole life should feel the soul, and should be relaxing.  
Working with Paper does both for me.
NOTE: All inside of cards are matching, some of have s basic sentiment, but most are left blank from sentiments so the giver can make their own.
[Also some of the cards sit looking a bit wonky, that is because of the sun interfering with me in the way of shadows.  I should have maybe waited for an overcast day]
Layered Believe
3D Cream White Rose, hand-made & then dusted with micro glitter.
             Mini calla lily’s are made with air-dry modeling clay. They are so simple.

Mini Canvassed Collage Thank You I also marbled & textured the green/yellow background paper to match the color I wanted.

 Lazar Die Cut Vintage Car ( I just noticed something shiny in the photo, of the card does not belong there.

Dazzle Butterfly Die-Cut Layered Flower

My favorite techniques are called shabby chic, and layering. This card is full of vintage pieces I had saved over time;. The cameo, the tatting lace, the measuring tape. The fan is paper also. Just score and accordion fold like when you were a kid.

I Hope You Saw Something That You Liked.

Maybe it is not work at all. I have too much fun working the little pieces, and on the cards themselves. I fill my surroundings with music an dI am lost for hours, sometimes days.

 Being expressive in any language is what make us all different. No one else can express themselves quite like you. I challenge you this week to find a way to let some of your emotions & feelings out expressively. I know that because you are already here at WordPress that you are surely doing some of that now. Whether it be writing, photography, music in any form (send an old friend a link to a special song) or create something, a meal, or some type of crafts or art.  Just Do it!

Then when you are back from soaring on your own creative wings come share it here with us.  I will link you to this post.

 I really want to know what you did.

Are you game?


39 thoughts on “Still Soaring On Creatve Wings

  1. Pingback: What I Do To Stay Out Of Trouble | Lady Barefoot Baroness

    • Gosh thanks Tess! Keeps me out of trouble yoiu know. Well most often. There are still those…

      I am glad you like them. This means a lot to me. I almost did not take the challenge, now I am so glad I did.

  2. lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala (with my eyes closed) lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala

    OMGOSH BB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!! The flowers are gorgeous!!!! The roses are spectacular!!! And the Calla lilies…my favorite flower…you’ve just given crack to the addict dahling!!!

    Now to figure out how to incorporate home and handmade flowers into the premise of my blog which is 90% thrift store finds and 10% “new” (though most of what I have purchased from the thrifts are still in original packaging at crazy discounted prices) and how I use this process as both art and physical therapy. Hummmmmmmm………

    • I know you will figure this out. I like combining hand crafted flowers with store bogght silks. Especially the big flowers with lots of mini blooms taht you can atke apart. Savings!!

      Hello my name is Baroness and I am adicted to paper. It is true so I get it. It’s my crack. Now letssee i I ahve started a rumour..:-)

      Let me know what you work out I want to hear
      and see. I will link it here on this post.

      oh..and by the way. art therapy priceless!!

  3. Wow BB, Wow, you are one talented lady, thank you for sharing your gorgeous creations. If there is a craft I can lose myself in it is mosaic. I once spent two weeks at our holiday home putting together a mosaic table top and it’s my pride and joy. It was wonderful to have unstructured time and space to work and I found that every other thought just vanished from my mind as I put the design together. Sadly I just don’t have the time or space at home for such a messy craft whilst still working but it is something I plan to take up again when I retire in 5 years time.

    • I so love your passion for m mosiac work. Beautifyl art ediuma nd iz+ acn see getting lost in it. That is what I meant when I said it takes on a Zen like quality. I am grateful I have this. I ado many other different forms, working on an 8.5×11 collage with golds, broens aome rusty oranges..

      It makes me smeie to know that your own studio, room, or space is all part of your plan. I have gotten now to where I crave making something,

    • Cee, Cee, you know my work. Thank you. I adore that part of me is in your & Chris’ home. You know how much goes into one and that you honor it like you do is so precuois to me. Thank you~

      I have a letter in my draft, it was a weird weekend and I did not want to write wih weird energy. You know? Too many interruptions.
      So today is better and should be senidng it soon.
      Thanks for your patience, you never gripe when I am late-and I am late most all the time…

  4. Ya been holdin’ out on me, BB. Such talent and imagination. Wow! I love your work, the cards are fantastic.

    “Slowhand,” one of my all time favorites. Brings back memories.

    Hope you get those peacock feathers. You go get ’em, girlfriend. You’re a spitfire like me; something else we have in common.

    Much Love and Blessings ~ Maxi

    • Maxi my friend. I thought everyone knew.. Nah.. Ia m just kidding. This is what I do when nothing else works. You know what I mean? It is my escape froma mythinga nd evrything else.

      Slowhand mine as well. AS I said in a prior post, Clapton’s style of playing has been whispering to my soul for so long I do not recall a time he was not. We are blessed to have such greatness as Epic Clapton in our universe, the new guitar players he inspires compares with non other.

      Yes the feathers. I will end up calling my state congressman if they are not careful. it is a good thing that it is not the only thing going on im my life, if I had this on my radar full time it would be a moot point now.
      I will get my man..or woman..whoever can give the answer. It cannot be just yes or no, I need more info. So I have stumped them.

      Thanks Maxi. BIG hugs to you my Sister, taking after your heart? Priceless!

      Thank you my dear sister

    • Thank you Jules,
      I have not mentioned anything because I am now officially on IGNORE by the AG Dept. I think I made someone mad when I said that my 12 yr old gradson was more adept at communicating with the public than thet are. I do not understand why someone would take that personal unless it’s true. He was not very friendly when he hung up on me. 😉

      I have left a message now to speak toa supervisor since someone has officially been rude/ I am so awful..It just would have been so much easier for them if they would hve given me an answer straight away.

      I will either get an answer or die trying. I want those feathers on my cards. i wish I could show you the sketch design I have already drawn out.
      Don’t let the feathers go yet, I’m still not saying die yet..

  5. Such abundant loveliness here, BB!! I LOVE calla lilies, fans and ribbons, especially. I dare say this keeps you off the streets! God bless you abundantly–love, Caddo

    • Why thank you Sis!
      I am giggling at the need to keep me off the streets. hmmm .. so true. The cards do keep me busy. I can spend up to 6 hours on one if I am creating the embellishments. And that is what I prefer to do.
      I have about a dozen more to post from this summer. Then I have Fall/Thanksgiving to do.

      I’m so glad you liked them sis caddo. Thanks so much for stoppingby and saying so.

      Mucho love & blessings my sister ~ BB

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