“Wish You were Here” Acoustic Style….


I have to say that when I’m in a mood, and I get in moods. Just ask anyone, there is nothing that works better for me than listening to some beautiful guitar music. Turn up the volume ans let it envelop me. Using the breaks with the amazing riffs help work the cobwebs of life out of my head every time.

On Saturdays I will typically listen to the guitar God him self EPIC CLAPTON in particular. We have had a regular Saturday date for most of my adult life.  He plays while I work, and I turn it up the audio LOUD.

But today it’s David Gilmore and his acoustic folksy version of “Wish You Were Herekind of mood. It’s his acoustic version of his Pink Floyd’s tune by the same title. It is the medicine I need right now. No offense Clapton. There is something about the clustering of these of chords, and the way that Gilmore plays off of them into his improv riffs that rips into the soul.  Some days its just best to sit down and let yourself be taken away by the music, the playing. Let it do its thing.

Did I say that I am a big fan of guitar music? Anything with strings actually. Love violin music too. But I have definite tastes and that tend to run acoustic. But I love some good electric riffs to as I said…. Eric Clapton is Epic Clapton and what is not to love about him? But there are times when something else was needed. Music tends to be like that, Very emotional based are music choices made I believe.

I am blessed that I have a great collection of music. I have been collecting it for 45 yrs. I also am very lucky that I have a great Music Maestro in my life who is constantly teaching me new things. i  am not sure he will agree with my choice for today but that is what teaching involves. New music. And continually building my collection. thank you


16 thoughts on ““Wish You were Here” Acoustic Style….

    • IHi Renee, thanks for commenting. I am not surprised you can play Wish You Were Her i since you are picking up (fast) on Shine on you Crazy Diamond. Both are such pieces of music. and both are great favorites of mine. One day maybe we can hear you too.
      RecordedRenee, That should be your demo tapes title. — just for fun.
      I have started my day Pink and what a great way to start any day ~

    • Hey Jude, thanks for sayining so,
      I love that this version of David Gilmore (was out to lunch when commenting here) and him grown older, grown up.. I don;t know.I just love how his voice chnaged, and how he changed the music. I love how he grew older too.
      I just love everything about the feeling of him, and this video gives. He is in the running for number against Clapton, but the Epic Clapton will alwyas come out on top

  1. Eric: Les did I tell you you looked wonderful last night.
    Les: Eric did I mention that I wish you were here
    Eric: Well next time I am in town what don’t we have dinner
    Les: Okay but not if you arrive after midnight
    Eric: Don’t blame me, you know I run on faith
    Les: Well, I told you for the last time

    🙂 Me and Eric are tight too BB and have been for years

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