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The Youngbloods~ Get Together ♫♪♫

♫♪♫♪  Remember this? The Youngbloods? ♫♪♫♪

My personal favorite performer here  Jesse Colin Young

Get Together was released by The Younbloods in 1967 on the RCA Victor Label

I was feeling a little nostalgic tonight, turned on some Youngbloods because they will forever take me back to those mellow halcyon days of 1967, a  natural feel good time.

This tune was a pleading musical request for peace and brotherhood, showcasing love versus fear, and the choice to be made between them for each of us.

The exact message I needed tonight.

Written by Chet Powers, aka (as I knew him ) Dino Valenti from the

San Fransisco Bay Area band Quicksilver Messager Service Band, this tune was first released by The Kingston Trio and covered by many bands over the years. None made it as wildly loved though as did as The Younbloods with Jesse Colin Young on lead vocals.

The lyrics will remind us always of the impassioned plea in the lines of its refrain, which is repeated several times in succession to bring the song to it’s mantra like conclusion.

I dare you.. sing along.

And wiki adds:

In 1967, The Youngbloods released their version of the song under the title “Get Together.” It became a minor Hot 100 hit for them, peaking at #62.[3] However, renewed interest in the Youngbloods’ version came when it was used in a radio public service announcement as a call for brotherhood by the National Conference of Christians and Jews. The Youngbloods’ version, the most-remembered today, was re-released in 1969, peaking at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100