Share Tour World Week # 38

Participating again this week for Cee’s Share You World is one of my favorite ways to spend blogging, This week Cee has once again out done herself in creating interesting questions which offer a peak into the individual bloggers world’s who participate.

Cee would love to have you join her and the rest of that participate. just visit her blog and she’ll tell you the rest:

  •  What is most memorable about your high school years?

The time spent with others that were more into the music scene than sports, or any other social activity. From high school dance bands, garage bands, to the band I performed with “Soma” this was where I found a sense of belonging. The opening of the first coffee-house opened in my semi –rural area as well, where I became a part of.  It just occurred to me that today in 2012 a coffee-house is no doubt a very different thing than in the mid to late 60’s. This is where I performed with my band Soma, booked other bands, worked the door, swept the floors, anything to help keep the doors opened. This is all meaningful because it’s when I separated myself from my family’s music.

  • What was the last URL that you bookmarked?

Albert Lee is a guitarist, played in Heads Hands and Feet and other….(Thank you Gerry!)

  • Name one thing not many people know about you.

I am extremely sentimental and nostalgic moments make me cry easily. A newborn baby will make cry, and the smell of a new puppy make me giggle.

  • What physical attribute do you like about yourself?  Can be anywhere from beauty to heart to physical strength

Wow! You’re tough Cee!  🙂  My skin. Or maybe I should say my mom;s skin.  I inherited my mother’s skin, her mothers’. All the way back  to my Great and Great – Great Grandmother.


” Coffee shops in the United States arose from the espresso– and pastry-centered Italian coffeehouses of the Italian American immigrant communities in the major U.S. cities, notably New York City‘s Little Italy and Greenwich Village, Boston‘s North End, and San Francisco‘s North Beach. From the late 1950s onward, coffeehouses also served as a venue for entertainment, most commonly folk performers during the American folk music revival. This was likely due to the ease at accommodating in a small space a lone performer accompanying himself or herself only with a guitar. Both Greenwich Village and North Beach became major haunts of the Beats, who were highly identified with these coffeehouses.

As the youth culture of the 1960s evolved, non-Italians consciously copied these coffeehouses. The political nature of much of 1960s folk music made the music a natural tie-in with coffeehouses with their association with political action. A number of well-known performers like Joan Baez and Bob Dylan began their careers performing in coffeehouses. Blues singer Lightnin’ Hopkins bemoaned his woman’s inattentiveness to her domestic situation due to her overindulgence in coffeehouse socializing in his 1969 song “Coffeehouse Blues.”     ~ excerpt from wikipedia,org


21 thoughts on “Share Tour World Week # 38

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    • My dearest Kate, I have this question. How do you do that? How my friend do you manage to post about something I have been praying over for weeks now? I know, I do know the answer to that, but you should know how wonderfully validating your posts can be, Such as today’s. Thank you Kate. I have been asking for help, a sign. I think the the grand Lord of ours is speaking through you.
      Thank you Kate, you really have no idea… wait…Kate at Believe
      Anyway I am talking to, f course she has an idea!!

      God bless you my Sister ~ BB

    • Thank you Carol. I hope so. I am always pleased when i read your blog how full you keep your life. I think it’s important we have things alwas that feed our souls.
      I intended to keep on trucking… and not looking back~ BB

    • You my friend make my day! Thnk you Jude. They are fun. I am making my way around the SYW family now that I have posted mine (late) I never read anyone’s before i do mine. No power of suggestion kind of thing.

    • Ho Marilou, it was an exciting time for me. yes. Something about hiding out behind a bunch of musicians worked for me. I grew up with family involved with music so it was a perfect stepping stone.

      Thanks for coming by my friend ~ BB

    • Hi Gina!
      I think you should have been hanging with me then girl!. 😉

      I should say though for me it was not so much about school as it was after & on week-ends. Thankfully I did okay for not being the student i should have been. But something else called to me.
      I’m also I think older than you s it was a very different time.

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    • It would have been a party Cee!
      You and maybe a couple other people know how much i miss this. Our lives a swe knew them and planned for them getting slid out from beneath us a bit hard to recover from. but yeah we do recover, or can. So my dear practiioner of my EM; Please think TM joints, and think range of motion for me. 😉

      You are such a great friend to me, just so you know how grateful I am for you Cee!~

  3. Albert Lee is a guitarist, played in Heads hands and Feet and other.. your mother skin was she smooth skin with a silky feel…heehee! Love your answer to high school memories…:) Nice one My Lady..

    • Thank you Cobbie for that, I really should have said who he is. I’m glad you did.
      Had to check Albert Lee out you know. So it was my last bookmark. I laughed when I went to see what I had last marked.
      High school could have been rough.. thankfully it only took about 1.5 yrs to figure the answer out.

      You are a delight when you visit. Do it more often. ~BB

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