43 thoughts on “Redeeming Dreams

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  2. Wonderful post BB, often when I look in the mirror I can’t reconcile the face I see with how I feel inside. I’m all for being ageless, I know some pretty awesome people in their 80’s and 90’s and if God grants me the years I hope to use them well, not just exist.

    • It’s been bothering me for some time. The post has been in my head less than that, but awhile.

      It’s a shame that it is true for so many. but not us eh Jules? We are gonna Rock lady friend until we are in our 90’s….. Or die trying anyway..~ BB

    • I love it Tess! “I’m rocking but not in a Rocking chair!! You sure are not my friend!!
      And I admire the “L” out of you for not stopping. You keep on rocking my dear friend, you are a light that shines the way ~ BB

  3. Is it okay for a nice young guy agree with all that has been said. I thought about numbers and age but recently that has gone out of my proverbial window… nice post My Lady makes us think..

  4. Go, BB! This post will encourage many of us. Especially those who feel they are limited by age, which only becomes a problem if we let it.

    At 48 I became a fitness instructor, then a collectible and antique dealer, next owned my own business, have written books, have a web site and a blog, etc.

    Now I’m seventy-one and…

    I’m not dead, and I’m not done.

    Blessings to you, BB ~ Maxi

    • Maxi I want to be like you when I grow up!!
      I’m serious my darling friend. You inspire me more than I ever express to you but it’s becasue of women like you who are plowing the firlds for a woman like me. And there are certainly not enough of you.
      Mabe that is why I am alsways so enamored when I find such a kindred spirit who has more wisdom than I because of life.

      I know age is a useless number because you show me so.

      Tou keep on keeping Sister I am right behind you!

  5. Age means nothing to me. I think living with a chronic illness, like you, we learn easier to live each day. Although we do put dreams aside. And it looks as if both of us are getting our dreams back. Great for us!!!

    • Touche my sweet friend. I don’t bother looking at the past, waisted energy. And the future..? I just know that there has to be one, and it cannot go on without me My future that is..

      A future that is seeking those dreams in my bucket list. Funny how priorities change, eh Cee? ~ BB

  6. There comes that time in life when we are forced to recognize mortality and to change our thinking somewhat – like, I am no longer interested in buying little bitty stick bareroot trees. I want something larger, because I want to see it look like a tree. But give up hopes and dreams? Never! Absolutely not! That would be the same as death, would it not?

    • I so love you Carol. you are good for my soul, so validating you are.
      Yes, so much like death, death of a spirit and soul. I feel like I am just coming back from that. So yes, maybe that is it. Mortality. Males so much sense,

      I am looking at making dreams and hopes realities, pulling them out where I hid them from myself. Like that would make me forget. That did no work either. Love how dreams just keep knocking on your door.

      Thank you carol. I love you visiting. Did you bring wine and ready to sit in for a long chat?

  7. What a timely post, my Friend! I’ve been wrestling with that “law” for a few years now… you know, I was almost convinced that the world belongs to the Young, Thin, & Pretty. But something inside me kept knocking over the pedestal of Eternal Youth & tapping me on the shoulder, whispering “You still have work to do.” It’s Crazy Annie, of course, and you know how she gets when she’s All Fired Up. Thank you for this wonderfully validating post! Blessings to you! : )

    • Hey my Girlfriend of the wind! how you crazy Annie girl. So good to see you my friend. Aww. you choke me up lady,

      So what is up with us buying into that in the first place? I mean we never did follow the beaten path so why now Val?
      It was starting to depress me BIG time, like is this all there is? And at what cost to us?
      It is up to me to make that into something that moves my soul. Or a lot of something’s.

      I’m so happy to se you, even if it was age thing that brought you here to me today. LOL..

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