Houston To Baroness…

I love life’s progression. How things unfold themselves for you if only you keep your heart open to possibilities. I love waking up on the morning of a new day and finding welcome words in my email. I am blessed that it happens almost daily. I am a very blessed woman there is no doubt. There are happy messages, messages from friends that have been far away, but feel close to home now, messages from family, and then there are the messages that rock my soul.

I received two messages this morn that rocked my soul. One of from a friend you all know. The Universe. Now I realize these messages are somewhat tongue in cheek., and I say somewhat because I have not been able to understand how the messages I receive are so relatable to what is happening in my life. Things not many, if any know. Things I do not share. Not once or twice but on a regular basis. The Notes From The Universe that I receive are always spot on. If I was not a person of strong faith it might even cause me to be suspicious. But I am not the least bit concerned. It has happened so often, and touches something so deeply felt that it will set me back in my chair and cause me to have to so sit back and reflect; How does this happen? Is there a little bird that sits on my shoulder with me everywhere I go?  In everything I do? How else then?

 Thankfully, I know it is not necessary to have all the answers, as long as my faith carries me. I’ve really stopped asking and just started accepting. And believing even more in dreams & hopes. The Notes From The Universe that I receive are being fed my life’s imprint from somewhere, someone, something,  and are more powerful than I. 

Today’s Note:

“Well, Barefoot Baroness, by this point in the day, if my calculations are correct, I expect you’ve already begun thinking of yourself as “mere mortal.” Somewhat alone, a little bit confused, and responsible for figuring out how to make your life take off.

So… just thought I’d send you a reminder that at this very moment, there are a million eyes upon you, grateful for your courage; that you already know all you need to know; and that whether or not you can see it, you’re already soaring.

Houston to Barefoot Baroness,” nice blast-off –
    The Universe”

What a  fabulous day to be simply soaring on the wings of my life,

 Thank you Universe.

Image Created By: Gladys Folkers



18 thoughts on “Houston To Baroness…

  1. I think the messages for you are so spot on – which I guess it’s why they’re from the universe. We are all graced by your presence here you remarkable woman..

    • Ohh Cee. you’re all making me blush. It is really you all that makes THIS Universe what it is, So well worth being part of it, yes?
      No worries about the letter, who is keeping track? I’ll love it when I get it. No stress!
      Much love till then ~ BB

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