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The Fibromyalgia Thriver's Guide

A couple of my friends were surprised I did not post something for Fibromyalgia Awareness Day on Saturday, May 12.

Honestly I had intended to write something but frankly since it landed on a Saturday I was too busy to hold still long enough to say what I feel needs saying about fibromyalgia and awareness days.

I am going to couch my comments by saying I think there is a time and place for raising fibromyalgia awareness but as far as awareness days in general, I am not a fan.

I have been in the thick of this for a couple of years now and I have noticed May 12 really stresses fibro folks out. 

Since I am a fibro folk, my Facebook account was cluttered with all sorts of awareness posters and heartfelt thoughts from people who have fibromyalgia in the days leading up to Saturday and by the time Saturday…

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Living Proud * Living Loud

{Inspired by the project for September’s Chronic Pain Awareness Month 2012}


I am a person of deep faith. My faith runs proud and it runs loud and brings to my life a constant sense of Hope and Dreams. Having hope allows the possibility of my dreams to sustains me. I have finally found a way to own that.

To Live It Proud,  To Live It Loud. (in my heart)

I believe in the spiritual power of Hopes and Dreams. I believe that keeping Hope alive is as essential to my life as is breathing. The times without hoping for dreams are as dark as they are bleak. Time’s of my past, I know My faith needs to include hope for dreams, and now shines lightness and brilliance.

I am not so naive or such an overly positive person that I do not know things, events, life can get in the way and dampen the lightness & sparkle. There was a time when I believed chronic illness had wiped all those dreams and my hopes away. It was like a light had been switched off suddenly, and life became smothered in darkness.

Without HOPE dreams are useless.

Yet dreams are persistent in some magical way. maybe they never  really do leave you alone. Instead, possibly when the light went out it only shadowed all my dreams, I believe in all possibilities.

With light being what light is, it spilled glancing glows despite myself, showing me that it is I that has been completely unaware, and had turned away; reminding my soul that it is up to me to see and to feel the castings of the small glimmers of hope. “They are there” a reminder from the universe. A reminder glimmering in the shadows.

Possibilities?  Dreams? Hope?

Was it possible that I was not seeing that dreams were still there in the shadowed light? Could it be all along that they have always been right there under my own nose? Just because I was not seeing? Or refusing to admit what I was seeing was real.  Hope & Dreams” as I thought they should be, meaning = I was not seeing them at all. The Should have’s, the could have’s, the what if’s  all got in the way, they have no place in Hope & Dreams,  that is where I became confused.

Listening to my soul is an option. There are no should haves or would haves, there are no what if’s or could be’s.. It just is. That is what my faith is. It’s all, or it’s nothing with soul talk, no more second guessing, the light shines brightly through and I see it.

My eyes are opened wide today. Soul talk is a powerful thing. It takes a leap of great faith to listen to the soul sometimes when it feels frightening. I’d quite rather be frightened with a deep faith in something more powerful than I than to be without. This spirit feeds me, why would  I ever question it?

Today I Live Proud.  I Live Loud.  I Live again with my Hope for Dreams.



Through the month of September is a very personal thing happening. The month is dedicated every year to help bring awareness to a very much mis-understood disease, Chronic Pain (C/P). Chronic Pain has finally been inducted by the American Medical Association as a disease, with its own diagnostic code even though it encompasses multiple over-lapping conditions and diseases. Yet this has changed little for the person living it.

As a woman and an advocate who has lived with C/P for almost 29 years I have seen little to no improvements in treatment modalities or the culture. This goes straight up the line to the actual very people who are supposed to help us. The physicians. I have been met with indifference,, rudeness, discrimination, and out right cruelty over the years.  And yet the very nature of this disease requires that we endure these kinds of attitudes & treatments or we risk losing all…

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