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Daughter, Adele, Ipad, Love, 2012

Posting with my daughters iPad . Wondering if this really that cool? I like the navigation on it which I thought I was going to hate. It is not bad. I have many things in my life that trump buying an iPad but it will be placed at the bottom of my wish list. It’s pretty cool but I have other references and needs first

Funny thing is though when it comes to writing I prefer my keyboard, and when searching for and posting images I prefer my laptop. It is true I have great affection for what my laptop. When my the 8 yr old laptop final;ly crashed for good I cried. Silly? maybe.

These machine hold my life-like I know yours holds yours. I have Carbonite and my data is safe. Its more about the actual little black rectangle that has most recently become a life line for me. I will some day maybe add a iPad to my arsenal but for now when I have much bigger things planned for the horizon this shall wait. But it was fun

Adele, my daughter, talks about love, life & laughter  Thanks J~

Lovely Friends (& awards)

Receiving a blog Award is a kin to receiving a basket of fresh-baked cookies from a neighbor. The whole point of the gift is the feeling in the giving, not the calories, Right? So it is with awards.  Each one is as important as the next because of the sweet nuggets of goodness that they represent. And the blogging friend that sent them.

This One Lovely Blogger Award comes to me from Ruth at retiredruth @ Ruth is a farmer.  People like Ruth who dedicate themselves to our Mother Earth by growing soy, wheat and other Godgiven nutrients so that we may live should be honored more. Mother Earth gives back and Ruth gives of herself. We reap the benefits. It is a lovely arrangement, I am a Farmers Market Girl and was one before it was cool & chic to be one. Although Ruth would not be at a Farmers Market hawking her harvest she is still my local farmer. And yours. Go pay her a visit, she’ll make you feel right at home. Or as is her case you will be all right on the farm~

I am sticking with Ruth’s format here with 7 random things about myself. However since I am now in a position to choose 7 awards to pass on I am veering off left here. I am not choosing one or seven because I cannot. Those in my own Barefoot Baroness world are so many that I treasure and adore. How can I pick just 7 of you?  I can not choose… know this please:

If you are reading this and are a follower of these barefoot prints in the sand then by all means grab that award badge and dance yourself right back on over to your own blog. Accept, Post. & Celebrate/  Then link it back here. I want to know you are accepting this award. Not that I am just saying..

Seven  Random Things About The Baroness You May Not Know ~ They will be random to be sure:

  • I don’t attend fairs or go on fair rides. Even the Ferris Wheel terrifies me
  • I have  a personal aversion to guns that goes deeper than just that I am a pacifist. which I am. Does this count as two now? …
  • I am not a gambler. I see no entertainment value it for myself.
  • I have severe insomnia. Often up in the middle of the night with my blogging friends from around the world. Always music. It’s what keeps me from going postal some nights while the rest of the world feels asleep. I am grateful for those who are not.  (I see you smiling )
  • I love the feeling of early dawn, cold & wet dew in the grass, on my bare feet. Sending Mothers Nature life force up and into me. Its Amazing!
  • I do not chew gum.  Have never which for me turned out to be a good thing.
  • I love many things about Eastern philosophies concerning man, spirit & the universe. Often communication with the universe make me smile.

Now grab that badge, post your award…. link back here.. & Celebrate you! I can name names if I have to.

Dane away my lovely blogging friend..


These Days

Ever have one of those starts to your day that just knocks your socks off (if you wear socks) or rocks your soul? Shakes your heart to the core?  A beginning to your morning that sets everything in a wonderful golden glow?

Starting these days feeling good about things is a real gift. If everything in life should start as sweet there would be little strife in this world’s heart. I wrote about the gift of thriving in a past post, this my friends is an example of what thriving is. Some of where thriving comes from these days.

When it comes to the thriving while living in this world it’s not about what might hurt physically. (it’s going to ) Its more about what does just the opposite. Focusing in on what feeds the soul. Sometimes that focus is another person, or sometimes its A “something”. Maybe a song.  Maybe a sunrise. Iy is always God.

These days its easy to feel those things that feed my soul. Without question. My focus is more determined than it has ever been in my life. I know now my way home. Hearing the same song over and over.

Healing me.

Thanking God & the Universe for this focus.  And for these days.

So much is about thriving these days.

Thriving for yet another sunrise.


God’s Speed Andy Williams

Breaks My Heart, My Huckleberry Friend – Your Moon River will always take me around the bend

Andy Williams, whose corn-fed good looks, easygoing charm and smooth rendition of “Moon River” propelled him to the heights of music stardom in the early ’60s, died Tuesday at his home in Branson, Mo., following a battle with bladder cancer, his family announced.

He was 84, and 2012 had marked his 75th year in showbiz. Williams is survived by his wife Debbie and his three children, Robert, Noelle and Christian.

With 17 gold and three platinum records to his name, Williams enjoyed his golden years playing golf and dividing his time between La Quinta, Calif., and Branson, where he appeared at his Andy Williams Moon River Theater since 1992.

Crosby STILLS & Nash ~ Rare Versions

I am curious and want to ask all you and Crosby Stills & Nash fans (CSN ) fans a question

There is something magical about these two songs, in particular Guinevere.  I am asking you to share something personal. Assuming that this song touches you in some way I’d like to know if you know why. You either can tell what it is that affecting you, or not.

What I am very curious about though is the why of it? Why do these songs, or one speak to you? What happens when you hear the first note and know “IT’s” happened?