A Triple !!! Amazing

A Triple.. no Wait… Make that a Double Triple !!!

Triple Awards that is. You know when you’re riding a bit of a writing high? You’re just trying to get the words that are forming in your mind out just as fast, and often errors happen. Just like in baseball (USA Baseball, it’s all i know).  Happens to the best of us.

I digress.

I have a record broken at  Lady Barefoot Baroness.this week. Last week a record was set here  in the tine of 3 awards in less than 2 weeks time. That’s amazing. Then as I was skipping along during my week another amazing thing happens. A TRIPLE !!!

From my friend Tracy in the form of a Sisterhood , Sunshine & Beautiful AWARDS. A triple, Amazing!

If you are not getting a daily dose from Tracy then you all have no idea what you’re missing. I suggest checking her out. http://ohwhatapain.wordpress.com/


I am just slightly overwhelmed and humbled. why or how I don;t ask. I just believe that Tracy did has done this out of love & friendship.. The protocol again is that I choose 7 & 7 . 7 stunning things about myself. and 7 bloggers to award these same award to. I can do neither.First. I just do not have that many stunning 7’s in me. And I am a bit spent in that department this week. Although I certainly feel very beautiful thank you.And the 7 bloggers. can I beg all ou wonderful beautiful people’s tolerance just one more time. If I was to have to choose even 21 of you: 3x 7=21 I’d still be exclusive. I’m unable to do that this week, I am too flooded with love.

You all are deserving of each one of these award. Therefore my gift to each of you is this.

I offer up this fabulous quote of friendship by a very amazing and brilliant man to each of you my friends. . Aristotle would know a little something about human nature I suspect.

Tracy, Thanks again friend. You broke a record on Barefoot Baroness. That’s also amazing!Thank you!!!


33 thoughts on “A Triple !!! Amazing

    • AOh Cee, quick, send me a pick me up please.I’m dragging something firece today. Got any spare EM? (wonder will know what that means)
      Have a reply started Cee, just lost my head wind to sail on through to the finish.If not tonight,than tomorrow,
      Great husgs my friend~ BB

  1. BIG congratulations and HUGS to you, BB–I really love the friendship quote (is that a “badge” we can put on our blogs or not? sorry that I get confused easily–). You are WONDERFUL, and you do wonderful things–God bless you with His overflow of abundant love! love from this sis, Caddo

    • Hey there sis. Sure emough, yoou put that puppy right on your blog and wear her proud. I know you will. How awesome, you are the first person to ask. That is what is for,
      Thank you Commando! I really don’t deserve that. Kindly thank you though. I just don’ t do anything special. t’s all of you who makes the effort, so that at least one more pair of eye are on this teen.
      We need to bring her home Now.

      Thanks sis caddo-your prayerful, loving friendship & support are their own special awards.
      Blessings & laughter fill your heart
      Love ya caddo. ~ BB

    • Dearest optie, thank you my friend. I am feeling a llittle self -conscious right now about it. Humble & with pride.
      It just made sense to do all 3 at once since they came from the same person, Tracy. Great Lady too.
      It was really most kind of her and it’s nice to have you all tell me how much you love me. 😉 Cause I am loving you all right back. 🙂

  2. I love that these awards are coming your way! Recognition of your heart, the love that others have for you and the talent with which you share your thoughts – you are deserving of each and every one!!

    • Oh Mimi thanks Hon. I am incredibly blessed, so blessed i will not shout to the skys, better humble. But I so would.

      I am surrounded by really good people like yourself. I am the one who should be handing out love awards. You all Bless me.

      You are such a lovely and charmig heart youself my friend~ BB

    • Ahh Maxi, you do it to me everytime. Happy Tears! Thank you my Big Sis, you make my day. Coming from you who I admire and look up to your words are extra special.
      Much love and blessing Dear Sister ~ BB

    • Thanks Jules so much. You always make e smile.
      ~ BB
      Kids move on too easy and too fast. (I had to think about Ming) I think sweetie you can do no more. Ming is a young man with ideas of his own and it’s the pitts when they are different from the mom’s. I know. He’s a good kid Jules, and you raised him well. Now is the hard part, letting him have the right to his own mistakes. I so hate this too, and do not do well at it.. Non the less truth.

      Okay, that is it from DR CC. ~ Love Ya Jules.

  3. As always my friend, I humbly thank you for the wonderful kind words and the amazing plug for my blog! I do this solely to help others who are in our situation and I am so thankful for you and my other readers. This has truly been a gift…you have been a gift. Thank you!

    • My pleasure Tracy. I support 100% what you are doing.You are on a mission my friend and it’s a valuable and honorable one. I wish you only great success and happiness n this awesome resource for people.

      Now girl, keep blogging on ~ BB

    • O Kate, you are an angel. I would love that! I think a candle burning for eteternity on BTH would be so appropriate. Would you please? You are such a thoughtful sister. How would you feel about maybe doing a guest post for BTH. Open topic.Your Choice, you know the genre. It does not have to be down in the mouth so to speak either. Happy times once in a while are still necessary.

      Think about it and when you let me know I’l talk with Gerry about going about it.

      Thanks again my dear friend! ~ BB

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