A Simple Understanding

picture courtesy of eso-garden.com

I would rather be a superb meteor,

every atom of me in magnificent glow,

than a sleepy and permanent planet.

The proper function of a man is to live, not to exist.

                                                                               ~Jack London

19 thoughts on “A Simple Understanding

  1. A timely reminder to me as we consider our retirement options, got another from a friend this morning about being in the winter of our life and where did all the years go?

    • Hello optie! Yes, thank you I received them last night, They are all so cute. My personal favorite though has to be the infants hand in the adults. Melted my heart right then nd there..
      So thoughtful of you to send them. Thanks again ~BB

      • Could use the blessings and laughter, Sis–I rearranged the living room today (bedroom was last week), did laundry, etc. Will be useless the rest of the week, but no one’s keeping tabs! You take care of YOU, sweet Sis–God bless you Big.

        • Oh Caddo-Camando, What is a sister to do?
          You’re right dear sis, even if; you so deserve some sofa snuggles, big glasses of lots of crushed ice,diiet pep, and cheetos. Just keep us near ya~

          love and blessing girl. Be careful tomorrow, you are grounded!

          • Oh those Cheetos sound SOOOO good, Tj! I’m slightly crippled up tonight, but my treat was fresh zucchini with home made Ranch dip–mmm, yumm. Physical work is my remedy when thoughts and feelings run amok!

            • Oh Hon, you are hurting. I pray tell that you ran thpse feelings amok for a bit and then reined them back home. You know where I’m at if you need a private vent.
              Yummo @ your snack! I’m having really a sweet-n-juicy orange. Love this time of night, quiet, introspective, and restoring..,

              • I love the night too, Tj! Can’t believe it, but I just finished the rough draft of my Share Your World–I’m bound to crash soon. Thanks for the invite to vent–I’ve kind of been all over the blogs, being un-Caddo-like (negative). Oh well, if everybody really thinks I’m a 24/7 party, they should get over the delusion, right?

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