SisterHood! What a Great thing.


I am continually surprised and delighted by the kindness of people. Especially when it’s for no particular reason. I’ve had  perfect strangers reach items off a shelf in a store because I’m too short to reach it. I am talking about out the clear blue, not asking they just see I’m struggling to reach. I’ll never understand why my organic granola has to be merchandised on the very top shelf anyway. But that’s a whole different show. I’ve had two young men I did not know come up my inclined drive way to plow snow all the way to my walk. (I live in snow country)  I still to this day do not know who these  young gentlemen  were in a small Caterpillar snow plow despite the aide of my local newspaper The Bend Bulletin by putting my letter  of thanks and search for these two Snow Angels. No one ever came forward. Random. Kindness.

Random acts of kindness are just that. There are  just kind . Nothing else is involved. And It happened to me again. Two separate random acts of kindness of the same award. In two week’s time I received these random acts in the form of a denim jean pocket adorned with embroidered flowers and the title of the award. Such my style. I have a maxi long denim skirt I’ve had since the early to mid 1970’s that fits the same  description. 

I’m posting both award together; and beg my awarders tolerance. Putting two of the same award om my blog seemed kind of cheeky It does not take a thing away from the random acts though. Both of these women have not only surprised me with this out of the blue award,but I think that the sentiment of sisterhood is proudly expressed here by both of you. I thank you both from my own sisterhood heart!

I hope that you’ll take a few minutes out of your blogging time and visit their great blogs. It’s so worth it.

The protocol for accepting awards is listed below. I am doing it again, just  one time for both awards. My Stunning seven below the protocol list.

Thanks again my sisters!

  • Thank the giver.
  • Post 7 things about yourself.
  • Pass on the award to 7 other bloggers and inform them that they have been nominated.
  • Include the logo of the award on a post or in your blog!

My stunning 7:

  1. I am an  a ferocious bibliophile, often having 4 different books going at one time.
  2. I listen to National Public Broadcast Radio in the car.
  3. I am an addict for tweaking paper into all kind of cool things.
  4. My grand kids laugh when I say groovy. My kids do not. They grew up hearing it.
  5. I did not grow up  with a sister. But my twin lives in Florida with my brother-out-law.
  6.  I am a trial-junkie.
  7. Seems I have a growing theme going on here.

This is where I am to choose seven bloggers who this award should go to. If you have what it takes to be a sister, and in my eyes that is just one requirement, then you are awarded this SisterHood Blogger Award. Because I think sisterhood is always inclusive.

Congratulations to you all. Please do not forget to put the Sisterhood Award on your blog’s side bar.



32 thoughts on “SisterHood! What a Great thing.

  1. Like Cee, I’m not into ‘groovy’ but say COOL a lot. Even my almost five-year-old granddaughter says cool–NO, she didn’t get it from me. Funny how it sounds so much cuter when she says it.

    Congratulations on all counts!

    • Hi Tess, I have a small book/journal I started keeping track of slang word used by generations from mid 40’s to present inspired by grandson. He laughs at my iconic words like Farout. He teaches me new words like Chillax. Gotta love words and kids.

      And grandkids ARE so cool!

  2. Congratulations, BB … again. Aaand we have one more thing in common, being short. I’m 5’1″ and suffer all the problems that go with it.
    Blessings – Maxi

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  4. Congratulations! In reading your seven things, I think I found some common ground – we both have addictive personalities. Or is it obsessive?

    • You are a very Kind lady! These stunning 7 are so hard I find. 7 things about one’s self does not sound daunting until you sit to do them, right? I think you are being kind nad I will take it. Thank you.:-) Take care my dear friend.

    • Hi ya! Thank you! I am on my wy to your blog to thank you proper but am so glad I saw this first.
      I wish I could explain.
      If you have the logo in your post, I think you do; left click on it. It should change and in your URL you should have a new URL that at the end says; jpeg image.
      Go to your widgets on your dashboard, open new field that says image in your side bar on right. Paste URL in field. save.
      I hope this helps. I give awful directions. Just ask anyone that is lost!
      Thanks again My Sister, for your random act of kindness. ~ BB

  5. Random acts of kindness! I encourage people to do a lot of that as much as they can. Congratulations on the award and thanks to those who dimmed it fit for you. They sure were right on point!

    • Okay Girl, you just keep on saying these kind things!
      Thank you.
      Kindness is the best when it is random in my mind and heart. These are two perfect examples , as is your kind comment. I am blessed beyond ~

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