She Was Quite The Lady This Irish Lass


This woman who I am so much alike. All my life I heard; “You look just like your Mother” Like my daughters today I would roll my eyes. When my mothers aunt developed dementia in her late years  and she kept calling me Wilma, I would hide. My mom’s birth name was Wilma only my mom had never really been called Wilma in my childhood, or hers. Her father nicknamed her Penny and it stuck. But my mom’s aunt kept confusing the little girl I then was, with the little girl she knew my mom to be some thirty years earlier. Even at the age of 7 I understood how surreal this was.

It has been 12 years this month since my mother was taken from this earth and therefore leaving both my brothers & I. She was someone I always looked up to, having the persistence and will of any man I knew. Only she was a lady. Things like manners, kindness and lady like behavior were important to my mom.  And she made certain they were also important to me. As I sat for a couple of days creating this scrapbook layout of my mom I was reminded by looking at her just how much I really do like her. It apparently takes years for that to be able to be seen in your own face, the face of your own parent. But there she is, looking back at me. When I look at her photo when she was just 18 yrs old in Lake Oswego Oregon, (USA) I see myself.  When I look in a mirror I am seeing my mom’s face looking back again. It may have taken me years to see her, but I wear my mother’s face  everywhere I go quite comfortable. I wear her face with great pride today.

Thanks Mom, I love & miss you.


19 thoughts on “She Was Quite The Lady This Irish Lass

  1. You are a wonderful daughter to revere your mother in such loving terms, BB. She looks on you with love shining from her eyes, and pride glowing in her heart.
    Blessings – Maxi

    • Oh Maxi, thank you so much for that. Tears you bring to my eyes. It’s so nice to hear this from YOU. You & she alike in many ways I believe. She would like you.
      August is a hard month. She came into this world on August 1st and left it August 2nd. (really the 1st) I miss her terribly on some days. I know you understand.

      Much love Maxy ~ BB

    • ahh.. Jules thanks. My mom who took care of my little brother and I alone from th etime I was 9yrs old. She rarely took no for an answer and was as stubborn as anold Irish mule, but she always got her satisfaction and with politness.

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment!

      (no word from the AG Dept yet)

  2. It’s good to know that mum made an impression that you are proud to be associated with. Make your kids proud! Leave a lasting legacy with the words you speak and the values you reflect. Set the standards high for yourself that when they grow, they too can speak good of you. A lot about your mum rubbed off on you real good. That’s not bad at all. Nice post!

    • NICE comment Tee! Thank you! I so believe everything you said. I am a story teller for leaving those lasting words. I believe a family’s story should be told.
      My mom knew I;d write about her, this is just the very first public piece. She would not have abided by being on such a public forum. But she can see how proud I am to be her daughter.

      Thanks for stopping by ~ BB

    • Thanks so much Les! My mother was a lady from the old school. She had some of the funniest expressions that went with being a lady. Such as “a lady does not sweat, or perspire, ladies glow:” Isn’t that a hoot?
      My mom was an awesome Lady, it was she & my grandmother, her mom ,who nick-named Lady Barefoot Baroness.

      Thanks fo your sweet words. ~ BB

  3. A beautiful post in memory of you lovely mother, just like mine the highest regard to her, knowing you she gave the world a lovely daughter, My Lady my thoughts are with always..;)

    • Thank you MY friend, It was your own tribute to your beautiful mother and my mom’s birthday on 8/1 that insired me to finally do this page. Thank you for that, and your charmiing comment.
      My mom would be proud.~

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