Prayers & Thoughts for SE of the USA Isaac Go Home!

To our Friends of the South Eastern of the USA; we send you our prayers, thoughts, and positive energy that the Universe absorb Hurricane  Isaac before it hits land.

WE hope that everyone is able to find shelter and heeds the warnings to  get off the beaches.

On a personal note: To  my twin Sheila in Florida, and my good friend Ingrid in North Carolina. I have lit the prayer candle tonight girls. Am in for a long night of standing guard. Be safe and Twin of mine, Keep that Bro-out-law of mine inside. He cannot repair the satellite right now! 

Love you Girls~ BB

15 thoughts on “Prayers & Thoughts for SE of the USA Isaac Go Home!

    • I have just been swamping you with comment replies haven’t I? I love seeing you here
      I live on the west coast of the states and we don’t have these weird patterns either.
      The last time I was involved in anything bordering on this was in 1962 when Oregon & Washington was hit by a weird cyclone. That has been my only frightening time. Only a sa kid we didn’t know to be afraid, thought it an adventure. We are basically pretty mild too.
      Just for fun.

    • Many thanks Jules. Not my favorite time of the year weather wise. It has nothing to do where I live. My twin and good friend are in it’s path.
      Seems like we are having to light a candle every year this time, in recent years.
      They are going to be fine,.

    • Me too. I am not someone who stresses by casual worries, Natural disasters are a different thing. absolutely no control over anything about it. Tryng to Let Go Let God is far easier said than done when loved ones are in the storms path.
      And that’s why it is called faith,

      You okay?

        • That is not an easy recovery LouAnn. I;m sorry.
          . How you doing then? How long has it been since the nest emptied?

          My tip is to find something that you love doing, buying, seeing.. and do it! For no other reason than it would feel good to you. It’s time to be pampered a bit. and if we have to we can also do our own pampering. We are MOMS!

          It honestly gets easier and then you’ll move all extra furtiture out of the house so in case they come back there is no where comfortable and no where to put their extensive clothing collection.
          Nah.. not really ~ hugs my friednd, you need one~ BB

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