8 thoughts on “Feels Like Home -ToThe Tunes of The 60’s & 70’s

    • Oh the music.. you’re so right. It was in my room as I was writng, in my heart always. It slipped this girl’s mind. But you’re so right. Kind of flat.
      Next time I promise to not leave any of it out.
      Peter Max! My studio has two posters of his that I have had since sometime in the late 60’s. I loved his big wide images, and the colors, i love the colors. Still speaks to me today.
      And to you I see. Great minds.
      Thank you Maxi, you are such a great source of support for me.
      Much love to you my friend! ~ BB

    • It’s so true. You were once someone who played? Right? I seem to recall something about this.. It’s a wonderful thing when you find an old friend that you knew was in the neighborhood, but you did not visit near enough.
      Thank you. Hey, do you know you are my top commenter? I have been meaning to share that with you.
      Take blibling ~ BB

        • Not a thing wrong in mind with cowboy chords. Some of my favorite music contain cowbot chords. But I get it. I never fared more than just simple chord work myself. It’s a shame. I adore watching a good guitarist. I content myself with watching and vocals. Works for me now. My baby brother is always encouraging me.
          I’m not into stats but was looking and saw this. thought it kind of cool.

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