A Mom & Daughter Puzzle – The Empty Pot

“Well Mom, who wrote the Quote?”

Me: “No one seems to know”

Daughter: “Did you do your own reasearch?”

Me: “I tried, could not find anything but anonymous”

Daughter: “Let’s Google it!!”

Me: shaking my head.  Of Course!


Need to find an answer today ask your kid. I recently posted the poem below and although I could not find any answer myself and settled for anonymous like thousands of other bloggers seem to be doing right along with me. Leave it to my ethical child who as she has always claimed was raised by her hippie mom would not accept the answer that we could not find who to attribute the poem too.

The partial poem in question was

* If you plant honesty, you will reap trust
* If you  plant goodness, you will reap friends
* If you plant humility, you will reap  greatness
* If you plant perseverance, you will reap contentment
* If you  plant consideration, you will reap perspective
* If you plant hard work, you  will reap success
* If you plant forgiveness, you will reap reconciliation…….

(excerpt from full poem)

My daughter is a brilliant & ethical. She also cannot abide by people taking credit for something they should not. She gave me props (Thank you kid!) for not at least letting it appear I wrote it, but she was not accepting the anonymous story. As she said to me, “It came from somewhere. She has such a great point. And me? What was my excuse for not hunting further than a casual internet search in which I saw anonymous so many times on its first page I accepted it. But just for a second resource because that is what I do I then went to my 10 pound book of Bartlet‘s Book Of Quotations” that has been my companion for almost 45 yrs. Again. Nothing. So my great analytical research mind accepted this. I posted and said credit should go where  credit is due,  but I could not give a credit. And I was wrong. Thanks Kid!

Thanks to my daughter and her computer experience and knowledge of the Google search Engine she & I can give this poem it’s proper credit. I’m kind of  proud of this kid of mine. She had emergency brain surgery 3 years ago as some of you know and she has a better analytical mind than mine is sweet.  Not that there wa sany great impairments she has had some issues. She just keeps improving. And that is SO sweet.

My kid, daughter #2, mother of my grandson who I have also mentioned in prior posts found the answer we bloggers have been looking for,  The author of this poem. MY ethical child who could not let it go, she and I worked together for about 15 minutes hunting down one link after another until we found a book. This book contains this quote in it;s entirety.  It may only be a partial source and the author may have used  it too not knowing if it is that old of a quote. We read too that the quote may date back to ancient Chinese beliefs. My daughter J* and I want to share the book we found.  And my daughter’s message is? “Don’t give up just because you might not find it on the first page staring at you.”  My take away lesson?  Learn from your children, and how sweet any time is with your kid.

The  book is called “The Empty Pot” author~ Demo

It would be considered a children’s book but I beg to differ But then I believe “Where The Wild Things Are” is an adult book so maybe we should not go there. All I can say is it is now part of my wish list at Amazon.

Amazing what two-generations can do. I said this to my daughter and she agreed, adding, “And a hippie mom with Hippie child.”

I smiled at my daughter. She is her mother’s child.

The book and info about it can be found at amazon.com

The Empty Pot:


Demi. Bio:



Note to author:  Thanks so much for the use of your poem & mention of your book.

29 thoughts on “A Mom & Daughter Puzzle – The Empty Pot

  1. What a team! It’s wonderful when our kids can teach us. Makes us proud, right?
    My grandmother, an old-fashioned lady who passed away at 99, said, “You can’t learn anything from your children.”
    When my mom baked a banana cream pie, my grandmother (who came to North America from the OLD country when she was 91) almost swooned.
    “Where did you learn to make such a pie?”
    “From my daughter, X.”
    My grandmother turned red.

    • Wonderful share Tess. Thank you!! I cannot help but think that we could learn a lot from our children, if only we would open the door. Gosh, even grandchildren. Mine can run circles around me when it comes to tecnology. SAdly I run circles around them when it comes to literature. My fear taht there will soon be generations who will have never opened the page to a book, feel the paper the inl is printed on makes me sad.
      Don’t know where that gripe came from but there you go. Great minds inspire.

  2. Sometimes it’s a bit daunting to admit that our kids are ahead of us in many ways – daunting but still a source of pleasure and pride. And whatever did we do without Google? And the internet. And wireless internet. And handy gadgets that allow us to find the answer to any question immediately.

    • It’s so true Carol. here I thought I was giving it a valiant effort on my own ..until my daughter arrived in my blog. I was so proud. Yes, our children knowing more than we do, something to have to reconcile with to be sure.
      Take care my dear friend, it’s so wonderful you came by. ~ BB

  3. This is such an lovely post BB, great that your daughter has such high ethical values, she must have got them from you and the way you raised her. Be very proud!

    • Hi optie, where have you been?
      You’re a good blogging friend. You know some background and know what a triumph she is. Your words have double meaning to me thank you so much. I am so proud sometimes I could burst. .
      Have I been missing posts?
      It’so good to see you. Stay in touch my SA friend ~ BB

    • Good seeing you Maxi! You’re always such a joy to my eyes. Thank you for such a kind message. She really is. She is a medical insurance specialist and has call often to do a lot of specialized research. I am so proud of her. She is my mini-me. Except she is taller than me.

      MUch Love Maxi & hugs ~ BB

    • We shall never find out Cobbie. Daughters are delightful and we are blessed incredibliy by them. They are definite keepers.
      I certainly received a great lesson today.

      Take care my good friend~ BB

  4. Are you ready for this, Sis? I’ve been a Bartlett’s Quotations’ gal since longer than you–only because I’m your Older Sis! It’s like, next to my stack of Bibles!! Just one note about Internet research/Google–it’s not always 100% accurate, so it’s good to have multiple sources, I’ve found. I’m so happy that your daughter is doing so well–what a lovely miracle!! God bless y’all–love, sis Caddo

    • I love it sis! How funny, I would have suspected you still have your’s too cause I so know you had one back in the day. I have know clue to this day what I would do if I did not have my BBQ’s.

      And no everyone else reading that is not BBQ as in grilling.. just saying. (see comment above.)

      Good thing to know about Google. I hope if there is more to tale someone will step forward. I can’t wait to get the bok. I ordered a hard copy because i just think it should be one held.

      Okay sweet friend, sit down with ahankie for this one. My baby came out of coma by herself on Easter Morning 2010~ She is our Easter Blessing. She turned 34yrs old 7 days later. God is Awsome!

      Love ya my sis caddo~ BB

      • I do remember your email, telling about the Easter Miracle–that is something to hang onto when your faith is a little bit low! God is truly awesome–even on “so-so” days.
        I actually have 2 copies of Bartlett’s–one old, one updated–the older one is far superior!!

        • Yeah, it has turne dnon-believers into. That’s pretty amazing to watch transpire almost in 72 hours.
          She is my Good Send twice.
          I am blessed beyond that she is my kid. And your niece!
          I agree, the older one is best. Newer versions cannot hold a candle to my 1963 copy.
          But yours is older, another thing for us to compare when I head north. Don’t panic sis, I’m not heading up now. It’s almost midnight and I don;t drive in the dark.
          I’ll give you maybe 7.46.5 minutes warming. 🙂 Maybe….

          • You’re hilarious–especially as it gets later and later at night–I think we’re both delirious (which I’m now claiming is my new “normal”). I worked hard today–tore apart my bedroom, cleaning-tossing, rearranging the furniture! So I’m “delirious Super-Sis”. Ready to lie on the couch and eat cheese popcorn–and there’s “nothing” on TV, argghh.

            • I know, right?
              So my dearest sister, your bedroom all clean. . When is mine going to get the caddo-commado treatment on it? Oh! New name!! I am adopting that as my newly declared nickname for my sis. How awesome, It’s so fitting that I wonder has anyone called you this before. Is it safe?
              Caddo-Commando Perfect!!

              Try hulutv.com Free tv!
              Save me some cheese puff is=f you find something good to watch. I’ll be right there.

              • I’m SO Laughing–Caddo-Commando!! Picturing myself in that camouflage uniform–only it’s the blue camou (really, I did see a female officer/soldier wearing the blue recently!!) not olive-drab. And I’m so scary when I get “on a mission”! Yep, this name will really rock–can’t wait for Debbie to hear it (“Two Minutes of Grace”). I just know I’m gonna pay tomorrow–already I can’t raise my arm up over my shoulder–oh well, that just means tomorrow gets to be a do-nothing day (except for writing, probably)! I’m liking this alternate work day schedule idea!! Though, once I get the “bug”, I want to move the entire apt around. The living room is severely limited–but I might squint at it from the couch tomorrow, see what’s do-able. I’m so rambling…

                • Okay caddo-commado. I so love it and so am happy you like it. Makes this kid happy
                  It just literally popped into my head out of no where. I think it was the bedroom cleaning and hope for a misssiom to be deployed to the Baroness’. I will jom in some day sis in a comment between you and Deb have you intro me to her. Y

                  You know caddo-commando is going to get around. LOL..

                  Oh sweetie, you over did. What has sis BB told you about getting on whim and tearing the house up to clean?. Better waing for another day. The dust bunnies will still be there. i promise.
                  I’m going to try to get some sleep. Have been and bacj two times. What’s a girl to do?
                  Night sis, see you when the sun gomes up~

  5. I bet you are proud of your daughter — good catch, and a very important ethical distinction so often ignored lately. I am also proud of her parents, for raising and giving to the world such a gift, in their child! 😎

    • I am does it show, just a little bit?
      A little over three yrs ago when she was in a coma for 3 days after her brain surgery I was not sure we’d even have her today. Priasing her surgeon, The Universe, God, and some really skilled nurses, Pt & Ot therapists she is 97% without impairments. It was her left front lobe so reasoning, decsion making, etc.. She’s doing awesome .
      Thank you my lil sis for saying something.. I know you and your family know a bit about this hospitalization in an emergecenty setting,.
      I’m so grateful that you’re okay so that you can brighten MY world. Cause sweetie I need you to hang around 🙂

      Hugs ~ Me

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