If you are a woman and have not reacted I ask why?

Diabetic Redemption

I’m sure many of you have already heard Congressman Todd Akin’s reprehensible statement today, about “legitimate rape.”   I am so angry, I could almost throw up.  The quote available at this link, in written form, and here on video; in addition, below, is an analysis by Examiner.com‘s Political Buzz specialist, Ryan Witt .

This analysis includes a quote from Romney/Ryan campaign, mildly disagreeing with Akin.  Somebody has to do something, and I’m starting one something now.

My belief is that my readers, and all bloggers who read this, should spread the word:  Todd Akin’s website does not include an email address, but this is the link to the page where we may write him an email.  I am proposing an email bomb — overwhelm his office and him with protest.  This is more radical than anything I’ve done, but this man is on the House Committee on…

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  1. People are often misguided – Congressman Akin is a prime example of that. Although that may be an overly generous assessment – I’m becoming quite convinced that along with a degree of power comes a higher degree of stupidity and insensitivity.

    • Touche Carol. 0the job creates this, it comes with job, and at tehsame time it promotes job security. In what other industry would this be how to run a business sucessfully?

      Thanks for joing in. It’s always interesting. ~BB

  2. Yeah, his idea of being pro life is kind of admirable sort of in a twisted rose-colored-glasses sort of way. That giving the infant up for adoption would be a better alternative for the child. But when you REALLY think about it, it’s not. WAY too many babies all over the world go unadopted. And then what if that kid grows up and tracks down their real parents? Then they find out, that they were right in thinking that they weren’t wanted. Then they find out that half of their genetic make-up is that of a monster. Oh great, now we have another psychologically broken person who, if not given the proper help, could end up shooting up their school or workplace.
    I’m less focused on the “woman’s right” and more about the rights of the child he supposedly wants to speak for. He’s obviously not thinking about what this kid could possibly go through if their mother didn’t abort them. My oldest brother being a prime example. He’s a product of rape and to this day can’t let go of his inner rage and hatred. He hates himself and refuses to have kids because he doesn’t want to pass on the genes of a monster.
    But this I’m not trying to air my laundry here. I’m just saying all the reasons I think this guy is a complete moron, incapable of looking ahead more than a couple months let alone years. Such a dumb arse.

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