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If you are a woman and have not reacted I ask why?

Diabetic Redemption

I’m sure many of you have already heard Congressman Todd Akin’s reprehensible statement today, about “legitimate rape.”   I am so angry, I could almost throw up.  The quote available at this link, in written form, and here on video; in addition, below, is an analysis by‘s Political Buzz specialist, Ryan Witt .

This analysis includes a quote from Romney/Ryan campaign, mildly disagreeing with Akin.  Somebody has to do something, and I’m starting one something now.

My belief is that my readers, and all bloggers who read this, should spread the word:  Todd Akin’s website does not include an email address, but this is the link to the page where we may write him an email.  I am proposing an email bomb — overwhelm his office and him with protest.  This is more radical than anything I’ve done, but this man is on the House Committee on…

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