Share Your World Sunday # 35



I was gently reminded today that I have been failing to put the link to Cee’s blog where you will find the questions she asks each weekend.  And I also have been failing to put the SYW badge up. It took a charming and kind blogger &Thank you Tracy)  wanting information about SYW from that I realized this information should be here each week. Not only does it help bloggers who would like to join us ut also I believe is a show of respect. This is just my opinion and I told my friend there are no fast rules to SYW. This from now on though will be what I add each week on my post. I know many of you already do and have been doing, I just want to applaud you all.  Thanks~
Share Your World Sunday can be found at this amazing & talented woman’s blog @

A Technology side note:  I’m back in business, have my own laptop back. It’s working better than obviously. Things I realized I was putting up with but signs my hard drive was going bad. Such as things not loading right.

1. What is your favorite comfort snack food?

Oranges. Seriously. For about three years now I have a serious addiction to navel oranges. I wish I could say that all my snacks were as healthy. That’s what comforts me now.

2. At what time in your recent past have you felt most passionate and alive?

Oh my that would have to be now! There is really nothing better folks than being in your 50’s.

                  3. What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Walking. I love to walk through different neighborhoods, especially on a Fall day. Also walking on a sandy beach is a favorite. Barefoot of course.

               4. If you could have your own TV channel, what would it be about?

Okay, not  as stuck as I thought I would be.  The whole channel, not just a show, eh?  I have it. Took me a bit to come back with this answer. It shouldn’t have. My answer would be Film Noir. Anything before 1963 and not after 1029. Not into talkies yet.  British movies, French without subtitles, and even some of the 40’s & 50’s Italians are good.

That’s be it for me this week my lovely & charming peeps. Thanks for stopping by. You always delight me by visiting!


19 thoughts on “Share Your World Sunday # 35

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      • Because you cheered me up a lot, lovely baronness. I’m a new follower but I found your blog just at the right time. See, I got this award a few weeks ago but I was still new and not following that many blogs, so I went on a search for female bloggers that both inspired and motivated me and I came across yours. And just in time too. The depression had me down for too long. I hardly got up and did anything for weeks. It shows in the saddle bags that I’ve gained that my best friend was just kind enough to point out to me today. lol
        If I hadn’t found yours and a few others’ blogs when I did, I wouldn’t have had the self-confidence to take that bit of truth without getting my feelings severely hurt and falling deeper into depression.
        So, thank you. The pleasure is all mine. ^_^

  4. Hi, BB — Thanks for the reminder — I have linked Cee’s name, but I think your more formal way is better. Love your answers, as always — 50s are certainly the best time, aren’t they?

    • Hi sweetie, You have always linked her blog in your weekly SYW. You are one of the ones I was applauding. It just never occurred to me I was slipping on that until I was asked today for info that should have been there all the while. The kind blogger did not say that I am.

      As I said to no rules, but it just feels better in the whole realm I think. Love taht you are feeling it too.

      50-‘s OH My! If I’d have known back then that I was going to enjoy myself so much I’d have taken better care of myself. It’s maybe my favorite decade so far and the 40’s were not too bad either,

      How are you feeling sweetie? If this is too public you can just give me a thimbs up pr down but I’m asking because I really want to know.

      Big hugs ~ BB

  5. Okay, I could join you in the orange addiction–IF you’ll do the peeling or cutting. I know, I know–your old sis is LAZY! God bless you–love, sis Caddo

    • It’s a deal then. Next shin-dig at sis’ I bring and peel oranges. I can so do that.
      How’s orange sorbet sound when its hot & sticky? I’m going to teach myself how to make it.

      You seemed to have a reprieve from the heat .(?) If my waetherman was right I’m so glad. You never know.

      Blessings my sister ~ BB

      • MMMM, that sorbet sounds heavenly, Sis–and home-made’s got to be the Best!! Yes, the temperature is very do-able–I’m looking forward to a cool night’s sleep, and praying the heat wave is over (my brain is fried from writing “hot” poems!!). Thanks for the blessings and “sis-chat”–love, sis Caddo

        • Of course homemade, you’d not expect anything less from your baroness now would you?

          I hear you about the heat, not my thing at all. We’ve not had a night time temp under 60 all month, makes it uncomfortable to sleep as you pointed out.
          I am looking forward to winter and snow…

          Always wonderfully delightful chatting with sis, take care ~ BB

  6. Oh I love this challenge- so I just do this on my blog to participate or is there a central place to do it?

    • O Tracy I feel so awful I left her link and my badge off this post.
      So yes just copy and past from Cee’s blog @
      Then once you are done and have posted go back to Cee’s blog and post in her comments on the SYW post.
      You’ll be able to read everyone else and hopefully after going and reading each participants answers they will do the same.
      There are often many who beat me to the posting so I tend to stay away from reading other’s answers until I am done. No power of suggestion recall that way is my take . Not any fast rule. Actually no rules,
      There is also the SYW badge on Cee’s post and on her ride hand side bar, add this to your blog page so you’ll have it handy each week and this way people may see it and ask, I have not been good about addingit o my weekly post, alas as I have daid, no rules.

      I hope this helps my friend, I’m excited about you joing us all, It’s a blast really I think you’ll like.

      Forgive me for not being around of late. I STILL have over 40 alerts to respond to and that is not counting email. Argghh! Technology is wonderful until something breaks. I will return I promise.

      Take care my friend, it’s always so good to see that you have stopped by ~ BB

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