Technology Frustration Station

Yep, that would be me. In a station of frustration with technology.

We have all been there. Glitches with technology that wipe out posts, files not downloading that you know are good. Then we have all lost computers. I have been pretty blessed with computers in my 18-20 yrs of having a computer in my home. I have to share with you that I was one of the camp that was not going to ever have one in my home. I was all about going back to Mother Nature, basis as best as we could achieve them. I know, silly girl. Idealists come in many different personalities,

I’m here to tell you all that I have been through technology hell in the week. Starting out with this last weeks oh so fun WP glitch where email alerts from WP were being dumped into my spam folder. So once that was discovered I realized I was behind crazy in new posts from my bloggers I love to follow to comments to respond. You all know.  Been there too. Some of you even had been affected before with similar glitches and also this last one.

So that was a week of sorting spam and suddenly Monday might while working on a guest post I have been privileged to be part of here at WP I lost the post. I actually thought that night when it happened that I had first just accidentally clicked on the wrong prompt. I thought it was either going to post or save itself in the draft folder. It apparently saved some it, but I lost all the revisions that I had been working on just previously which was nearing my conclusion. I was not a happy camper. Everything that evening was lost. I chalked it up to a WP wrong. I was wrong.  My Bad. I apologize WordPress.

What it was …My six – month old new computer!!

So the issue I had was not WP.  It was new computer, Now you all know where I have been. It is a bad hard drive. I am being sent a new one and thankfully I am still under warranty. In the mean time the tech repair shop loaned me an old heavy wonderful laptop and I want to thank those guys. They are the best, when I bought the computer and a 2 yr warranty they promised they would take care of me. They in fact have,

Thank you Todd & Austin at Staples in Oregon!!

27 thoughts on “Technology Frustration Station

  1. Glad to be reading you again baroness. I have been swamped in ministry these last weeks so staying in touch has been a little difficult. I am glad I did not have the alert dumping issue on top of it. I might have fallen right out of the blogosphere!

    • SO good to see you PJ.
      I could just hug you for taking the time to write me. Thank you.
      I agree, I’m grateful the glitch did not throw a wrench into your busy past weeks.

      It’s always such a pleasure to have your visit.
      Take care and sending prayers for blessings and laughter to fill your heart ~ BB

  2. So glad to hear that you have been sorted out, there is nothing more frustrating that IT issues when you are dependent on others to fix them. I am so grateful that my son always comes to my rescue when IT bugs attack.

    • Oh I agree optie. Drives me to the point of tears sometimes. I am not technical inclined so I always need help.
      You are so blessed to have such a good son and his brillance to keep you up and running.

  3. Hi BB … anytime you have problems go first to your computer. If you are not doing updates, disc clean, empty recycle bin, etc. there will be problems.

    The way to avoid this is to download CCleaner; it does everything (except defrag) in a couple of clicks. Soooo easy.

    There is a post on my blog about CCleaner. Shows you each step. You will be glad you did.

    Love and Blessings, my friend – Maxi

    • Maxi you ae a treasure to me. Thank you for your incredible and valuable. My issue is a bad hard drive, Thankfully its under warranty. I had a dell laptop that was 8 yrs old when it finally died from a bad fan. 8 yrs! M techs told me that was unheard of.
      This was a fluke thing I think.

      You are so good to me Maxi, thank you~ I so love you for it. ~ BB

  4. There must be something in the stars — I spent two and a half hours on the phone with Apple today, paid $60 for their MacCare program, only to have them tell me that the problem I described is exactly what’s wrong, and that all I can do is update my Operating System for another $119! Yuck!

    • What?!! That’s awful! Did they say you needed the upgrade to MacCare first to diagnose your problem? That thye then said you would need the update to your OP? I’m curious.
      The consumer in me wants to know. That would be like extortion. I sure hope not but still something sounds wrong. I don’t know anyone who uses Mac. I’m going to ask around.
      You know what Judith do a post about it. Asking people with Macs what they do,and people with PC’s if they have to pay for upgrades to OP. I never have never. i had my last lapto, a Dell for 8 yrs Never did I pay for an update.
      I’d like to know.

      • Thanks for your questions — first, and probably most important, Mac doesn’t consider going from 10.4 to 10.5 an upgrade — they use it as an entirely new operating system. And yes, I had to buy the Mac Care before I even talked to “my” tech rep. The one bonus — that $60.00 gets me a month of tech service and repair, so when I get the new 10.5 disk, I can call them and they’ll walk me through the installation. Other thing — I was trying to download an update to Flash Player, and my machine doesn’t have the system requirements. But they had me uninstall the Flash I had, and now I get an error message when I try to install. Another call tomorrow. Oh, Well. Having a Mac has a lot of advantages, so the costs don’t seem quite as outrageous as they might otherwise be. Ah, technology!

  5. I have had perfectly accepted mail going to SPAM and it is most annoying. Sorry to hear you lost all that WORK, never mind the replacement laptop. My problem in the past two week is two posts did NOT connect to Facebook even though my WP say it’s connected. I wrote to support. Hope I hear something before I get OLD.

    • I am feeling so blessed really. The laptop 2 yr warranty that cost me just $39. the techs loaned me a laptop to use. A lost post is nothing. I am a rather prolific writer and once I became grounded again and realized I was tired, and WP and it’s spam fiasco had me seeing spam emails in my sleep. I have never been offerred Viagra so much in my life!!

      Lost posts connecting to FB? I hope support offers some help. I’ve not heard anyone else yet have ths problem but will keep my ears posted the ground.
      And Tess, Don’t go getting old us now you hear? WP or not! LOL… you’re so funny and I love you because of it!

    • So grateful to have this loaner even if it a bit of a clunker. Should have mine back by Monday at the latest. Just waiting for the Hard drive to arrive from HP.
      Yeah! Seeming Bring problem easy Fix.

      Thanks Cobbie~ BB

    • Hi Harry,
      I have seen it happen to others but in the 1.5 yrs I have had my blog public this was my first time being hit. I am checking my spam now more clearly and with anticipation of finding comments and new post alerts on a regular basi now. Makes me wonder how many I missed over given time.

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