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New Blogs, ‘Go on Take a Look!

Hello Family & frinds ~
I have ran into a fascinating blog that is being publizized with Bring Them Home.In this great post.
This new blog has everything to do with music of the 60’s & 70’s. The authoor of this new and inventive blog is lookinng for stoories from you. People who have something to share related to this genre of music and those halcyon days of Flower Power.
Go on, you know you have a memory or story to tell. Leave a cooment on his blog today,


15th August 2012 Wednesday

Two Blogs I want to publicise, they both are very good for completely different reasons.

One Blog is a serious one that requires every one you to help. Please pass on to your followers, and re-blog as much as you can Please. It is with your help that it may succeed in its goal. Returning a lost soul back to their home. I cannot stress how vital all this is. I once thought that there is not much I can do. But with the POWER of the INTERNET and you the PEOPLE who knows.  How good would you feel if you were part of saving a child, and returning them to the safety of good environment and be given the love that we all want need and some dream of. 

The name of this wonderful blog..

The second one is light-hearted and fun. For all…

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