Where OH Where Have All You Gone?

Where have you all been?

I have wondered why this last couple of days my email has been so low in new emails. I’m not saying I am Miss Congeniality or Miss Popular or anything, but I do get my fair number of emails. And where are the email alerts for my blog?

And yours?

I know you’re writing, you cannot have gone quiet this long.

I thought that maybe the blogging Gods were just being kind to me and that there were other things keeping you all from blogging. Yeah, that’s it. With 3 blogs I needed it this week.

Nope…. I was wrong. Seems all my mail alerts from all you fine blogging folk in my community were being filtered out by my spam program. Hmm. Like it had a mind of its own. It was taking all my WP alerts and dumping them into my spam so that my new mail folder looked almost desolate. I just happened to check my spam folder out because I was looking for my Maja bath soap order which always goes there because I do not keep the address saved in my address book.

I’m not sure what happened. All I know is I am so grateful to be getting these almost lost to the “Spam Hell of the Universe” blogs back where they belong.

I’m even happier and grateful to know that you all have not gone out on a writer’s strike.

Now that you are all out of the spam folder where I’m sure you’re spoiling away, I just want you to know I notice when I am not reading your blogs.

Just saying~


25 thoughts on “Where OH Where Have All You Gone?

  1. Well that explains it then!!! Whew!!! I kept looking for you and I even sent you an email (okay at least I’m pretty sure I did…lol) I was worried something “bad” happened to you. I’ve had some really cool things happen lately which I’ll elaborate on in the coming days on my blog…hiking The Grand Canyon and ribbons/awards from the county fair just to give you a tease. I also had my very best friend turn on me for something I posted on my FB wall that wasn’t even directed remotely to her but I won’t be blogging about that since I’m pretty sure she’s still reading and I’m not about to give her the satisfaction. I felt a little lost there for awhile but she’s just a cranky, angry woman and I knew that all along so now I’m just feeling blessed I didn’t suffer her wrath sooner…lol And you’re the first to know but I’m starting a new non-fibro blog all about crafting from thrift store finds. OMGOSH I forgot to tell you when I took my daughter to CA there’s a Hobby Lobby just down the street from where she’s living. I thought about going in but I’ve decided I have to go with you πŸ™‚ Anyway, I’m rambing and I know it but I’ve missed you!!!! I’m glad you’re back. Love you!!!!

    • Aww Kate, and I am so grateful for your devotion to my blog and to me. You my dear very first follower – that I clicked follow- are never far from my thoughts and prayers. Sincerely. I have thought for a couple weeks it was weird to not be getting post alerts for you. Now I know to look in spam for you, That’s awful! πŸ™‚
      YOU do NOT belong in my spam folder!

      Be Blessed ~ BB

    • OH Gosh! Thanks so much for the award , you are so thoughtful
      I have another waiting in the wings so I best get busy so I can puiblicly accept. You are a dream for doing this. Thanks so much

      Thanks for tip of going to reader, I actually think maybe most are going to my spam folder, but now I have a way of checking that I did not know about.

      Merci! ~ BB

    • Honey, are you okay? Oh gosh, this is like asking someone to shake your hand when theirs are full. I hope you see this and if not and it goes too many days I may have to resort to smoke signals. LOL..

      Just care about you little sis alot and worry. I’m hoping it’s a personal journey you are on by choice. Or as much of a choice as you ahve with a chronic illness.
      Hugs and kisses for you my little one ~ BB

      • I’m here, my sis. I have felt quite depressed of late, because of the swollen legs, which haven’t gotten any better. Please don’t worry — I don’t think it possible for me to be away for very long — I love my blogs too much, and my blog family, too. Thanks for your concern! 😎

        • Aww gosh sweetheart I wish I was not on the side of the country. I would come and play cards with you. We could choose from the sets you have or mine. I even have some Native American Medicine cards.

          It hurts me to know that my little blogging bibling is havuing a flare-up of symptoms. Being chronically ill can take every ounce of joy our our hearts if we let it. But we stronger than the monsters of C/I. If it takes a pack of us we can do that too. I am creating a list now of people who I know would cmoe to your rescue in a heartbeat. WE, and especially me, are here for you Love, Just call my name , and I’ll be there. With me you get friend, sister, nurse, confidante, chicken soup holder…. I’m sure there is more.

          Loving you from Oregin sis!~ BB

          • for whatever I could ever do to help you — you have me the same way. I am already feeling better — I just needed to start writing, and to hear from my bloggy sis! I wish you were here now, too. But I’m happy you’re here on my computer. 😎

  2. Just know that we will never abandon you, BB. You bring joy and support to us, caring and kindness … in spite of your suffering and hardship.

    We love you, and we’re still here, aaand we are gonna stay.

    Hugs and Blessings to you – Maxi

    • Dearest Maxi? I LOVE YOU So! Thank you my kindhearted friend. Your messages always brighten my day, this one through tears brimmed on my eyelids has made my year.

      Can I claim you as one of my very own?

    • Happy Saturday to you My friend!
      I’m so releived to see you. I thought I had been deserted. “-)

      I’ve heard of this happening before, problems with alerts in emails. But had never experienced it myself. I was by luck looking for something I knew would be in my spam and there everyone was! Very Bizarre.
      Now it’s just getting caught up on blog reads and comments. I’m coming yur way soon I’m sure.
      Thanks so much for being here for me~ BB

    • You did not go into the spam “L”. I had about 90% that did. Weird. I thought whatever the glitch wa sit would be repaired last night. I am still receiving some in spam but now that I know where most are not a biggie.

      Yee-Ha! I’m so behind in comments though ~ BB

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