Six Word Saturday August 11,2012

Brothers Visit * Sister Laughs * Sister Cries.

Caveat to my Six Words this week:

I had intended these photos of myself below for another post. But since then a couple of things have happened that have put me another mind-set at this time. I have decided that these photos and scrapbook page layouts from some my family’s heritage story books I create will do okay here.

I loved that my brothers together found time for me, they make me laugh until I almost need to change my pants, they sing and play music with me, and they make me cry at the end of it all. Their timing this time I have to say has been their very best. I happened to need this visit and they had no real idea. Although I am thinking they may have needed it as well. You see this is the month of our beloved mother’s birth. It also the month of her passingg.

These photos below are of her only daughter. I’m who I am as a woman in many ways because of my mom. I have been working on a page layout of her graduation photo from highschool, it is when she was just 18 yrs old. I grew up at every turn hearing to my chagrin that I looked just like her. I had not seen myself as a kid and only wanted to look like myself. How foolish I see now.

I am my mother’s daughter, I am her face.

                                                  The Cemetary Club  (circa 1995)
{FYI I am the one in front in Tye Dye]
There is a kind of morbid but sweet reason we have been dubbed The Cemetary Club. These are the three ladies I have known and grown up with, one since birth, one since we were 5yrs old, and the other met in Jr High School. The naming of the club was done by a mutual friend. WE had all begun losing our parents, and when we entered all four together as we did, we apparently made quite a statement. The Four of us powerful women entering a room together caused first a hush to come over the gathering, then little whispers. A dear friend who also caused us to gather again at his graveside had dubbed years prior the Cemetary Club. Thanks David, it has followed.
The following images are taken from our scrapbooks. I was taught in a story telling class that it is important when telling your family story to include yourself. This is hard for me for reasons that have to do with photos. I can find the words just fine. Below are my pale attempt at fulfilling class requirements, not much more. But the idea that even the author should include herself in the stories that are of their life is now one I am accepting and coming to even like.
I hope you include Photos of Yourself in Your own stories. It matters none if they are perfect portraits, obviously. Or if they have been edited and have been enhanced by a photoshop editing program. It’s you, it’s who you are on paper. Just like your stories you write are you on paper.
I challenge you to add your photos too.

Scrapbook layout. (Photos circa 1997)

Scrapbook Layout “Free To Be Me”. (Circa 2010)

My hair is still long in this photo just pulled back because we had below freezing weather that day. It was the day of Red Hat Christmas Party. Seeing the progression in my scrapbooking layouts is kind of fun.




28 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday August 11,2012

  1. Hi BB I think you are very courageous to put your photo on your blog. I am not nearly ready to do that. You look as lovely as you come across in your blog 🙂

    • Thank you optie. I understand what you are saying. That is why I do not use my face for my gravatar. The images here on this post stay here, they do not travel across the blogosphere with me. That was too much for me.

      I think it’s neither nor there whether a face is here or not. I have gotten to know the people, not the faces. I wrote a post about it one time.

      Hoping this finds you well. Take care of you and know where to find me if need be anytime.
      It’s always so good to see you~ BB

    • Nice to be seen by you Tess. Thank you, that is so lovely to say.
      I’m actually looking for which one of you ladies who suggested that I put my face on my gravatar. She gave me this idea ,and I thought to do it this way. That way my photos are just on my blog. I’m really shy in this sense only because I dislike photographs of myself. But I am working on letting that vane spot go..

      Take mt friend and it’s always so nice to see yoU ~ BB

    • Thanks Carol! I wonder, is it what you thought I might look like? I am so surprised that I took so long to do this. In fact maybe I would not have if one of you regulars (how awful sorry) here on my blog had not mentioned seeing what I look like I might never have thought about it. I wish I could remeber who she was. I thought about it and realized I wanted you all to know me in physical form too.

      Have a fabulous week ahead dear friend~ BB

      • I think I did not really have a preconceived notion of what you looked like – I used to do that all of the time based on the voice of the person on the phone, and more often than not, I was so wrong. Now it’s more the personality than the appearance that matters.

      • I aggree Carol. If I was to try to drum an image of someone I’d be way of base. I used to try from my girls teachers inJr High school, until I would neet that when I went a few weeks after school started to volunteer. I was always wrong and then my girls would find it necessary some of the times with teachers what I had said, sans the part about me not having met them yet. They thought it so funny. “-)

    • You are so kind. It’s not a lot of photos I have like I said, so I thought why not. I’m working on changinng how that hapens so I have more to choose from. I learned a valuable lesson about including ourselves in our family stories we tell.

      Thanks for stopping by ~ BB

  2. I feel the same about pictures of myself, and have been doing a family album for my daughter, to keep her aware of my family… have been doing writing and adding pictures and general history of my forest life..and all will be put on DVD, important for me at least…speak soon 😉

    • Love that you are creating an album for her! You of course would. I love it. If she seems like she’s not that into it now give her time. It may not be cool right now to her but I promise you when she gets older she will not only cherish it, but cherish the time and effort you put into it. Especially the journaling, it’s so important. I promise you one day she’ll think it’s the “BOMB” and love it.

      • I do hope so hope so, it is only my views for her to read, but I have tried to be fair….Although I have been printing the pages, I am still saving to disc or flash drive….Love your comments thank you My Lady..;)

        • I promise you. She will get to a certain age or have a child of her own when she isolder and married. These albums, your notes to her about her will be things she will cherish forever. She is really blessed to have a dad that cares so much about this,a nd it IS important that he would take the time to do this.
          I know right now she may seem bored with it, or aloof. That’s a teen for you. Both my girls always said; “Oh Mom, how could you write that, use that photo, add that to the album, etc…

          For our oldest who may be more sentimental all it took for her was to leave home when she finished school. She had to take her baby book with her. I would not let albums go until they were older and then I learned thehard way to always make myself a copy. Our youngest was not the least bit intrested in them until she was 36 and having her son. Then she wanted baby photos to compare,

          So there is not one ounce in myself that would ever think any child, even boys, turn their nose up to albums like this when they are older. Promise!

    • Thanks so much Judith. Part of my problem is that I am rarely on the right side of the camera to have photos taken. Then the few that are I am not always crazy about.
      I’m so glad you commented next. I was just considering pulling the photos. Thanks you for always being here for me . ~ Love you sweetie ~ BB

      • I was thrilled to see your face! I think the thousands of hours of advertising everywhere are made by people who want us to feel bad about our bodies — disgusting, isn’t it! I am going to lunch with family today — I’ll get someone to take some shots on my phone! Keep smilin’, honey — you look like you, and that is beautiful to me! 😎

        • You say the kindest things to me. I know what you mean by advertisments. I have actualy gone to taping every single thing I watch on TV so I don’t seee those 3 to 5 minutes in between. I think the last ads I saw n the tube was Superbowl Sunday..

          I’m looking forward to new pics. Enjoy your day with family, treasure each one when you get back home. Find one thing that delighted you from each one and burn that into your brain. It’s in your heart already.

          Love you sweet sister.~ BB

          • I am home from the shore — we had a lovely dinner at Cook’s Lobster House. The cottage is tiny and adorable — I would live there, given the chance. No pictures — my camera was malfunctioning, and my brother-in-law’s took very dark pictures. My niece will send me some of the seashore and the beautiful sunsets when she gets home next week. Lovely to see them, though, and a visit to the coast is always a special treat. Sending you a great big salty hug!

            • What a lovely and charming place Cooks Lobster House sounds. I’d love it. I have always wanted to visit Maine. Have no interest in many other states on that sideof our country but the New England area holds a certain fascination for me. I think it is all the commercial fishermen, much like Oregon and so in my blood.

              Seeing family that you do not see every day is such a reaffirming thing It’s like Yes, this is my clan and I belong.
              Thank you sweetie for sharing with me, makes me feel part of it.
              Be sure to pst some photos when you can, would love even to see the beach. Take of you, you! ~ BB

  3. When you said – I am my Mother’s daughter – I was spooked. Please read this post of today yikes! the world is such a small place sometimes.

    Why is it that the Universe knows so much and has proven it time and again and yet we are so surprised.

    This could have been my post – My brother visiting, my sister laughing, my sister crying is the story of every single occasion in my family life.

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