Missing Alerts from WP Stalling Bloggers

My Dear & Fine Blogging Family and New Friends:

(I realize I am being repetitive – forgive me for this too. It’s been a strange day at the old WP office cooler ~

Please forgive lack of attention on my part. It has not been intentional, and has not been because I have been away. Just need to say that I’d like to ask for your patience. I know one other blogger who is also having a similar problem, albeit I’m not sure if it’s exact.

It appears there is a glitch somewhere between your blog posts of late and my email. It seems that almost 90% of WP alerts are being dumped in my spam folder. Now that I know I can try to retrieve, and hope that all alerts are being sent to one or another, my new mail folder, and my spam folder. It as I said in a prior post just dumb luck I found the alerts I did in my spam.

I’ll be seeing you soon. I am in catch-up mode as I write.


24 thoughts on “Missing Alerts from WP Stalling Bloggers

  1. You probably remember the “cow” I had about this awhile back–my sympathies (and I have no helpful advice, sorry). God bless you this week–love, sis Caddo

    • Oh sis how I do remeber. You & Many others. This time I don’t think the hit was as big, affected as many people. Although I have been in contact with a handful who have.

      I discovered where mine were going, not to some computer trash bin in the sky. In my spam. I looked in my spam for an email response for a soap order and lo and behold! And there they were. Many of them. And the next day and the next. It’s taken me a bit to get caught up but I am working in it. If it should happen again I suggest checking your spam folder. I know one other lady iin Australia and that is where she founds her.

      Praying it does not happen again. We’ll see.

      Have the best week ahead, wishing it to be as kind to you as you are to me. Blessing & laughter sweetie ~ BB

      • Checking the spam folder didn’t work for me–there was nothin’ there. And anyway, I always seem to get my spam just fine–today, they’re offering me free sex. Now, you know I love a bargain–and free always sounds good–but shoot, why don’t they offer me something I can really use! Like a plane ticket to visit my cousin–I know, dream on, sister!!

        • Sis you truly have me rolling on the floor in giggles! Oh… laughing so hard…
          From the moment your comment popped up in the email alert until even now. I am trying to stifle my giggles.
          People are trying to sleep in this house! πŸ™‚ And that just makes me giggle more, one of those kind of giggles.
          Deep sigh … oh my. You ar truly so funny, and I enjoy your sense of humor so much. My face hurts from laughing so hard. Now what do I do? I know, wait until the next wonderful giggle from our sis caddo.

          Much love and enormous blessings my dear friend ~ BB

          • Oh Good! This was just the response I was hoping for–laughter doeth good, like a medicine (don’t ask me where the verse is, it’s “somewhere” in the Bible, maybe not exact words…). So sorry if I caused folks to be wakened from sleep–well, not very sorry. Thanks for being such a great audience for me, Tj!! God bless you–love, sis Caddo

            • Oh it’s okay now sis, I just explained;
              ” it’s me and sis caddo up yonder north & I playing insteead of sleeping; so what is new about that? Are we being too loud? ”
              Which is Replied;
              “OH! Sis? okay then. Not to worry. Play away! ”


              • Oh that’s good news–I’m not in trouble with the rest of my fam! I should be heading for bed, but you know how it is–got to strike while the pen is hot!! God bless you, dear heart!

                • Awww sis you probably though I was ignoring you. Shortly after our little volley of comments that night my 6 month old computer dies on me. Come to find outt it is my hard drive. It will be fixed but I am behind my behind once again.
                  I just did not want you to feel I shined you on.
                  Especially when the Fam was not mad, and said tell Aunty Caddo hello and send their love.
                  So I’d say you are very much in good graces with the whole Fam.
                  Just makinng sure I am still in good graces with our sis caddo. πŸ™‚

                  Blessings and sunshine fill uour heart~ BB

                  • Oh sweet Tj! I sure didn’t feel you were in any way slighting me–we were having too much fun!! Dang! I’m so sorry to hear about the computer hard drive–that is a major bummer for sure–shoot! Sending prayers for a rapid fix/solution. You’ve especially blessed me today, passing on the greetings from my fam in Oregon–you just don’t know how much (well actually, you probably would know–if we were sitting here together, doing a marathon chat session about our similarities–one day!) Love and God’s blessing to you–take good care, ya hear?!

                    • Oh sweet sis, no, no honey I did not think you would really be miffed or even feel slighted, it was a carry on from the other night. I would have loved to have been able to volley back at least a sleep well to you that night and aIl was suddenly I was taken down.

                      No worries sis, computer under warranty, they even gave me a loaner. Who has more fun than me and is so well blessed?

                      Hugs sweetie from your fans and your fam in Oregon. ~ BB

    • I’m glad you ahve been left alone for this Tess. Not fun. This is the first time it’s hit me. Seems to have come down to a trickle which is doable, more so than having to sort through many many.

      I’m not complaining either, what WP gives for free works very well for me.

      I hope your weekend has been kind to you my dear lady. Take care ~ BB

    • Oh Harry Thank YOU!! So good to see you by the way.
      I wonder why this happens so often? I’ve been blessed until this time. I suppose they are making up to me for leaving me out times before by dumping them all in my spam. “-) Not really ~ Come back again!! BB

    • Well this just would not work for you my “Strange” lazy friend,.. and stranger. Left a message on your bog. Sounding like a trip of a lifetime back home. Looking forward to another Strange Trip Story with your Muse the star attraction for sure. She deserves it after planning this trip I’d say. eh?

      “-) BB

        • πŸ™‚ I am laughing so hard right now because I know it’s so true. There seems to be some trait in men (no offense) that will not allow then the ability to plan. I think it;s just gender related.
          That being said this is why I am standing up sister for sister in saying you best be doing something nice for your beautiful muse. (if you have not yet. You guys can be thoughtful)

          A public service announcement from Team Womanhood.

          πŸ™‚ Happy Holiday ~ BB

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