It saddens and sickens me to be bringing this kind of news to you.
This poor child never had a chance. I realize this is an age old issue,, but why? Why have we not been able to put even a dent in this kind of crime against children?
I am broken hearted but I am also damn angry!

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  1. What a waste of a young life. From the first moment I saw him on TV Stuart Hazel came across as dodgy. Tia should never have been allowed to be alone with him, easy to say now but some parents are far too careless where their kids are concerned.

    • Hello my friend from afar~
      You & I think alike , there is an issue I believe with women bring men into their childrens lives that are monsters. They take no time to investiage them, no time to learn who the person could be, no time thinking about piutting their children first. And just because THIS woman happens to be a grandmother in my mind makes it worse. If that is possible.

      I’m so outraged optie, you & I both know what a treasure this little Tia was no doubt. How could she not be she was our hope for a better future for our children and theuir children?
      I’m fed up to my eyebrows with cases like this. I do not understand why in this day this kind of crime is still happening. What is wrong with some of these women?

      I’m sorry, I started to rant. Forgive me. Give me a seque and I am going to take it I guess. :0)
      Thanks so much my good blogging friend, I always love it when you stop by and we have a chance to chat. Me a little more I find ~ BB

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