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  1. Saw the reblog on Julie’s site. Came here. Since I’m in Texas, I’ll do my part and pray for her safe return. So sorry to hear this.

    • Thank you so very much for coming from Julie’s blog to this one. We need all the support and reblogging we can. Some child could be found because a WP blogger saw the child’s face here and knew the child needed help.
      Thanks so very much for your support ~ BB & G

    • I so wish I knew that answer. I know it was a rhetorical question but such a good one. Since we do not have the anser we must have a solution instead. If you would like to be part of this solution see the comment below. I left some tips there on how you be part of this movement and project to help missing kids and to keep children safe
      Thanks so much, I am so glad you stopped by and commented. Nice to meet you ~ BB

      • it was wonderful to meet you also. we must all do our part in keeping our children safe from harm of any kind. god didn’t place them here to be abused or neglected. children are our futures and we must take great care to help them get there.

        • You said that so elequantly Terry. I just will never be able to wrap my mind around why, so I do what I can and this is it! Thanks for hopping on board. I hope the next alert that comes, (and sadly we know there will be another until the freaks get the word that there is no where they can hide) that you will just do two clicks and reblog. Like my friend & partner for this blogs says ” Just Two clicks will do the trick”
          Take care ~ BB

  2. Don’t even want to … think about how it’s to be parents or grandparents when a child goes missing. Heartbreaking!!!! Or to lose a child ….

    • I so know what you mean. I am so fed up with up these people who comitt these crimes that I had to do something.
      My blogging partner for this project and I are just two lowly writers looking for a way to make a difference.
      WE believe that this can be it. It also is a way that can allow the entire commnuity to not feel so helpless. bBy reblogging posts like this and especially alerts for missing children when they are posted here, or on the primary blog Bring Them Home. Can you imagine how many people would see those faces if all your followers reblogged from your blog?
      If you’d like to follow Bring Them Home there is a widget that you may just click on in my side bar. Also you may add this widget to your own blog if you’d so be inclined to do. We would be ever so grateful .
      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment ~ BB

    • Thanks again Jules. You are on my favorite list tonight. Never to be dropped forever.
      Makes your day,Eh?
      I am sincerely gareteful even if I am being silly. I know that you thought long and hard about this. I am ever so grateful.
      Hugs ~ BB

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