Six Word Saturday August 3, 2012

~Sweet Friendships From Afar In Bloom~

This is a perfect platform for expressing to all of you my blogging family how much you have come to mean to me. I am still quite stunned at the emotions that are created by blogging, and the people who I have had my path crossed with are still surprising me in ways I had thought not possible. I’m actually still shaking my head at the friendships that have blossomed, I’d never have believed it unless I was experiencing it with my own heart.Had someone told me about this I would never have believed them.


Just one more thing: Honest. 🙂

Thank you Friends from close and afar, you bring so much to my life, I thought I needed to say so

Wish you could see this smile


24 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday August 3, 2012

  1. So sweet!
    You obviously are a master at arousing emotions.
    These tender words have reached the deepest parts of my heart.
    I feel them in my marrow. I’m really glad to be a part of this. You are one great personality, keep up the good work!

    • Aww Tee thank! I must say I am sure that my husband would agree that I am at arousing master of emotions. Maybe not always the best kind either. LOL…

      Seriously, thanks so much Tee.You really have touched my heart with your kind thoughts,
      If something that I write could touch you in any way than I am overjoyed. It’s pretty amazing this power words have over our emotions. And that we can share in that power with one another is what I find truly astonishing.

      It’s so good to see you again. I’ve missed you I am realizing tonight~ BB

  2. It is so true baroness! The contacts and friendships I have made in the blogosphere never cease to amaze me. Thanks for getting to know me! JE (Pastor Wrinkles)

    • Thanks so much Pastor Wrinkles~ Isn’t it just so amazing how beautiful even friendships online are? Or at least in our WP world?
      I feel blessed beyond by the loving kindness shown. God is pretty incredible to have embraced the Internet too! : -)

      Blessings, smiles & laughter ~ BB

    • You make a great point Carol, I think my feet are boring now. I’ll work on that photo, I’m so picky feeling not photogenic at all. But no matters I feel safe and secure with all of you now. I would not have had the nerve before.

      I’m so glad you saw the message to you Take care ~ BB

    • Thanks so much sis caddo, this is a message meant for you. I am still amazed at the love and friendship that grows here at WP. What an icredible family to belong to.
      Right back at you sweetie, have a fabulous weekend. ~ Love & hugs sent your way ~ BB

      • Wow–I too am still pinching myself, as I get ready to celebrate my 1st anniversary on the blog neighborhood. It’s been an amazing gift from God. You’ll be here for the party, right?? (Aug 30, I think–I’ll check, when I get my hands free). love, Caddo sis

        • Just so cool, a year!! You can count on me. I just added it to my calendar (really) so I’ll be reminded. I’ll be there.

          I wonder what my date is. I am sure I must be coming up on a year, although technically I created my blog in 2008. I just did not have the courage to post until sometime in 2011. I think.
          Now you have me going to check. 🙂

          blessings ~ BB

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