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Six Word Saturday August 3, 2012

~Sweet Friendships From Afar In Bloom~

This is a perfect platform for expressing to all of you my blogging family how much you have come to mean to me. I am still quite stunned at the emotions that are created by blogging, and the people who I have had my path crossed with are still surprising me in ways I had thought not possible. I’m actually still shaking my head at the friendships that have blossomed, I’d never have believed it unless I was experiencing it with my own heart.Had someone told me about this I would never have believed them.


Just one more thing: Honest. 🙂

Thank you Friends from close and afar, you bring so much to my life, I thought I needed to say so

Wish you could see this smile


I’m sure those of you who thought that FullCircledMe has bit the dust. Not true! Please check out why I have been so quiet over there. Thanks so much for your support~ BB


I’m fully circled in the revolution of the different ways my body is attacking myself. Sometimes I think I have it licked only to find that I have done a complete 360 again from the last point where I was. A complete circle. It appears that with chronic illness and chronic pain and fatigue this is the case. Your symptoms will wax and they will wane. Mine were waning so well that I was feeling like I had a normal life again. Until 2010 when I felt the Mack Truck of Cervical disease, Connective Tissue Disease, Giant Cell Response, and Fibromyalgia slam into my body yet once again.

Those 4 yrs of doing really well, pffttt! Gone! I have come full circle again, right back where I started. And even worse at times it has felt like I have done a 360 all the way back to the beginning…

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