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  1. Just a thought: some people are reluctant (including me) to reblog because some people are reluctant (including me) to read reblogs due to time constraints etc. I wonder if there is an alternative way forward with this worthwhile cause – for eg. could we have a striking, award-like image, with a link to the blog inside it, to put beside each of our posts? I hope you don’t mind this suggestion BB!

    • Oh Gosh Jules I would and could never mind any thing you suggested. You are welcome to give me input anytime about anything! I trust you. The whole point is passing these alerts around when they come out, it matters not at all how that is done. Our dream is only to see that power of WP being used for this purpose, to bring these kids (and adults) home.

      I see your point and on any other subject I resist reblogging. For me it has to be something pretty big in my heart and special for me to click that tab “Reblog” So I understand your point. I’ll run this by Gerry in case he did not spot your suggestion on the blog.

      I just find it really awesome that you are thinking about this, it’s something that touches your heart deeoly too I know. Maybe this project might even end up in your “process”:

      Hugs to you friend ~ BB

      • I am thinking about this a lot and trying to figure how I can help without reblogging (mainly because I have learned, from my limited blogging experience, that reblogging can turn people off a bit – dunno!)

        • I think you have a great point Jules and it’s something I think we should look at. I am thinking about doing a post and asking what others thing about reblogging maybe just for this purpose.

          I am one of the ones who was on the band wgon about not reblogging. I think in most ways it’s a cop-out for real blogging for some people. All they do is reblog others work.
          So I get the point.
          It was about dispering the alerts and info as easy & quickly as could be done. The whole point circulating these “babies” photos. In a post or a reblog of the post the photos are smack in the readers face,. My hope is for this blog that these alerts will be seen by so many people that finding these victims will become a real possibility . I think it’s their faces that need to be seen and re-seen, over, and to everyone we can manage to get them to, One time there will be a blogger who spots a face, or a child is safe and not abducted because the tips that have been posted are current in the parents blog. These alerts happen and then pretty much are forgotten about. Our hope is that reblogging them will keep the photos and info upfront in peoples minds.
          Thanks Jules for sharing with us, you have such a great point. ~ BB

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