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The Day The Music Music Moved

Dear Music Fan of All Ages & Rock n Rollers.

If you have been around this blog at all you know a few things about me. One of which I am a music fan, a student of, and Rock n Roller from the time I can remember. As a small (I was real small) being surrounded by instrument toting family and friends of my parents. Forming a natural circle it always seemed each player playing their part so effortlessly. I just thought everybody could play the steel guitar & banjo like my parents & their friends. Not so. My familiarity of only the Six String acoustic folk guitar was as close as I got to any of the other string instruments, As a curious person developing at age 5 yrs old I wanted to play the Spoons.  Regular Old Table Spoons. Popular instrument of choice for  Blue Grass music from the Appalachian Mountains in Tennessee.  Blue Grass  requiring  spoons ,banjos, mandolins., fiddle, guitars of all sorts. Awesome Folk Music too.

Many of you know also know that I have been having the privilege of being a guest author at this fantastic blog titled Cyklopps Rides Again. This blog is a whole mind-set about music and an era which I love. I have also been enjoying other posts there about the music of my time. Your memories or how a song touches you too, I hear from you when a song speaks to you.

With  this posting of The Hollies;  their song Bus Stop, and a post about how I  & some friends taught our selves this music. This  also will be my last posting of music and my memories here ay Barefoot Baroness.  However I’d love to invite you to follow me on over to Cyklopps Rides Again at

I’ll be playing some tunes over there, and sometime talking about them,


Reposted from: Cyklopps Rides Again

It’s that time a year here in the US, and many other parts of this no longer small world when children return to school, supplies are purchased, the latest fashion Fall fashion trends are picked over, and shorter days are bringing our evenings to us sooner. This was a time as a young girl in the 60’s looking back I cherish today. Of course it involves our music of yesteryear.

I love the smell of Autumn in the air, and the leaves on the tress morphing into the tints, tones and hues, of jeweled earth tones I love, fragrance of the lavender drying in the kitchen. This is my Autumn. It was also a time for me to gather on regular basis with my girlfriends who like me had this passion about the music that was being played on our radios, We were then as attached to our radios are we are now phones and computers. Our m mission was The Billboard Top 40 which was announced every Friday evening of the radio. Now it is the Billboard Top 100! And, when did tha happen? And why was 40 not enough?

I digress.

During the week we girls(4 of us ) would a create trivia tests to challenge each other about the music. The Title of the song, the Artists, the Date it was released and finally the Record label upon which the song was recorded. We were tough. All this could and was garnered from the radio DJ‘s if you listened enough, and read trade papers like Tiger Beat. Those were the days of resourcefulness.. I was lucky that I have an older brother who is really excellent at music trivia.

We were all planning on being in the Biz. You know how girls are when they gather. Maybe music critics? Beware RollingStone. We had fun. And for 5 years this is how we would spend our Friday and Saturday nights. learning to name that tune in 2 notes, who produced the 45 rpm, and who did their album? Later we added album Jackets/Sleeves. Who was the artist? What was the significance of the art? We were infected with Rock n Roll. That’s what Autumn meant back during those 5 yrs. And the first sign of it now takes me back.. The girls and I would create our questions, our trivia for each other on the weekends after the new Charts was released. We knew who The TOP 40 were. Then come Monday morning, we could hardly wait to get the bus stop, The Bus Stop Game was on.

BUS STOP THE HOLLIES (1966) United Artists


A Triple !!! Amazing

A Triple.. no Wait… Make that a Double Triple !!!

Triple Awards that is. You know when you’re riding a bit of a writing high? You’re just trying to get the words that are forming in your mind out just as fast, and often errors happen. Just like in baseball (USA Baseball, it’s all i know).  Happens to the best of us.

I digress.

I have a record broken at  Lady Barefoot Baroness.this week. Last week a record was set here  in the tine of 3 awards in less than 2 weeks time. That’s amazing. Then as I was skipping along during my week another amazing thing happens. A TRIPLE !!!

From my friend Tracy in the form of a Sisterhood , Sunshine & Beautiful AWARDS. A triple, Amazing!

If you are not getting a daily dose from Tracy then you all have no idea what you’re missing. I suggest checking her out.


I am just slightly overwhelmed and humbled. why or how I don;t ask. I just believe that Tracy did has done this out of love & friendship.. The protocol again is that I choose 7 & 7 . 7 stunning things about myself. and 7 bloggers to award these same award to. I can do neither.First. I just do not have that many stunning 7’s in me. And I am a bit spent in that department this week. Although I certainly feel very beautiful thank you.And the 7 bloggers. can I beg all ou wonderful beautiful people’s tolerance just one more time. If I was to have to choose even 21 of you: 3x 7=21 I’d still be exclusive. I’m unable to do that this week, I am too flooded with love.

You all are deserving of each one of these award. Therefore my gift to each of you is this.

I offer up this fabulous quote of friendship by a very amazing and brilliant man to each of you my friends. . Aristotle would know a little something about human nature I suspect.

Tracy, Thanks again friend. You broke a record on Barefoot Baroness. That’s also amazing!Thank you!!!


Share Your World Week # 36

We know it’s another week when Cee posts a new weeks Share Your World. Think it looks fun, you’re right. And no tickets, no invite needed. Just show up on Cee’s blog  She’d love to see you, and have you join us.


What calms you down?

Easy. Music.  Depending on the mood, depends on the tune.

 Right now a little  CSN ~ Crosby Stills & Nash.

  • Whats your favorite fantasy sandwich?

Roasted Turkey, fresh spinach, bean sprouts, avocado,, & cranberry on artesian bread.

  • What was your nickname growing up either as a kid or now?

Not Telling ~ Nah.. you already know it. Compliments of my own Grandmother & Mother. Lady barefoot Baroness. I really never wear shoes.

  • If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

I’d have to be blue.  Although being tickled pink is kind of nice too.