In The Spirit of the Olympics – Updated Link

Edited for correction. Thanks to the eagle eyes of two bloggers I have now corrected Tracy’s blog address. I am thankful for both of these two bloggers for catching the mistake, and saying something to me so that I could repair the problem. Thanks to both of you , you are my heroes today~ BB

In the spirit of the games and world-wide friendships that are occurring as I write and as you read I am creating this post.

Athletes and their entire team and support team have all been spending this time with one another and getting to know each other. Budding new friendships that may last them all their lives. There is so much to take away from the Olympics.

I’ve been celebrating the fact that watching the games this year has held a completely different and yet at the same time wonderful experience. Watching the same games as you are while knowing that we will soon be sharing thoughts and feelings has brought the games, the people, the countries home to me Knowing you that I do in the other countries that are also participating holds a completely different meaning for me. A meaning that I find brings me closer to you and where you live. It’s been maybe the most awesome aspect of the Olympic games for me this year.

In honor of the very games that are bringing us together I’d like to introduce you all to a new friend. She is recently new to blogging and WP. and she has already touched my life in a way that I’m still reeling over.

I’ve never created a post to introduce a sister or brother blogger before. I have focused a post a bit on another blogging sister but I was not introducing her like I am here with this blogger.


I am so pleased and proud to introduce to you…………Tracy, this sister blogger I have been so pleased to meet. You can check out her new blog and meet her as well at

Tracy is a sister living in the world of chronic pain like I am. Though I don’t make my health a key part of this blog most of my readers know what I deal with, and that I am thriving in spite of my chronic illness that creates endless chronic pain and fatigue. From reading Tracy’s blog it became apparent to me that Tracy is a youngster in the fight of living with chronic pain. I mean this in the nicest wat possible. It’s been 28 years that I have been living with this disease which the medical association finally has determined several years ago that chronic pain in itself is a disease.

I believe that like all things in this world that can alter our lives that if you can connect with someone who has been, and IS there this is the kind of support that iI find is priceless. I am not saying this to toot my horn. It takes a long time to come to terms with what has happened to you, what is, that is, happening to you every day. There are days that not even those who love you and are closest to you can understand, and there is not a thing that does not seem to irritate you. Making everything in your life and around you feel off-balance.

It also takes a little longer in accepting where you’re at in your life with your illness and then finding that balance that works. It’s not one that has to be perfect, just one that works for you and everyone in your small circle. Those closest to you are the ones who may feel the brunt of what you are going through. This is just one reason why a support community of those who know what you mean, know what you feel, and may even similar thoughts is so vital to good emotional balance. 

It’s true that for me when I first became ill having that camaraderie with other women who were going through the same thing helped in ways no one else could. It’s my hope that we can be a support to one another in any fashion we may need. But in particular my wish is that if you’re living with chronic illness, pain, and or fatigue I’d like to hear from you. Like with my new friend Tracy we will hopefully find ways to be there for one another in ways that no one else can. 

For Tracy; my wish is for you to have a bountiful blog filled with friendship and kindness from others. My hope is that you will find the kind of support albeit casual that I have. That casualness for me has taken on a whole new meaning, it means I feel like I am sitting with my blog friends in a virtual cozy room filled with pillows that cushion and green plants that nurture our air. A room with tea on the table in front of us, a home where we can share and feel safe doing so. My prayer for you is that you find the comfort and support I do in all your blogging experiences.  Best of everything my new friend~ BB


20 thoughts on “In The Spirit of the Olympics – Updated Link

    • Hello Monday,
      I love that song by the way.
      Yes, chronic is any pain that lasts beyond 3 months. I know other’s that suffer from neuropathy inclusing my husband. It’s not an easy disease to cope with. I am grateful in our circumstancs that I also live daily in pain and know what it’s like even if it’s not exact.
      I’ve not been to your blog yet but am planning on doing so straight away from here. I don’t know if you have been able to create for yourself a support system even if it’s virtual with friends like me who understand I suugest it. It’s made all the difference in helping myself. I’m delighted that you found your way here and although I wish neither you or I were in this, atleast if we can be in it together it’s easier to cope.

      I have another blog called FullCircledMe which sadly I have not been as attentive as I’d like but I am getting there. I do hope you’ll make it a regular habit by visiting. ~ BB


    • Please give it another go optie. Thanks so much for pointng this out. I so appreciate bloggers like you that it’s obvious you read and link, or try to anyway, to the blogs I’m suggesting.
      You’re awesome and one of my two heroes today.
      Thanks again ~ BB

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    • Awww Tracy thanks so much for such a sweet and kind message. Thank you! I am absolutely a believer of community, whether it be our family, our town, our tribe, we need one another. A person who lives a life in chronic pain has a tendency to isolate. I did and still sometimes do. We start out doing so to cope with pain that is monumental, and do not care to share it. But then that becomes habit.
      I have found through this community of bloggers a gentle soft place to fall sometimes, we all need those soft places.
      I wish for you to find a soft place here as well.
      I am most humbled by your words of me. Thank you dear Tracy ~ BB

  2. hi bb…I tried to swing over to “visit” Tracy, but the link doesn’t seem to work for me…is it my computer? (oh, as I look again at the url, (I think that’s what that’s called??) are there a few extra letters with those http’s? )

    • You are one of my two heroes today!! Thank you not only for catching the mistake,( I think you were right that I had something messed up somehow) but that you took the time to say something. You are a rock star in my world today.
      Please try again.
      Hugs to you ~ BB

      • oh, a little complication like that doesn’t stop me…I used part of that url and found my way over to Tracy…I’m humorously known as a curious, inquisitive “raccoon” in my family…so I just keep wandering til I find my way… : ) searching for jewels and shiny baubles… : )

  3. Hello friend of BB! I am truly blessed and honored that this amazing writer, this strong, intelligent, awesome woman, has introduced me to all of you! The fact that she would take a newbie like me and introduce me around means the world to me! She has also been giving me tips, hints and “showing me around” the blogosphere. Thank you thank you thank you my kind new friend. I hope all your wonderful readers, who write amazing comments, will pop on over to and introduce themselves to me as well! I look forward to my friendship with you and everyone that I meet. I humbly thank you again!

    • Thanks so much sis caddo! you are a true delight and I am proud that my new friend will meet you through my own blog. Thanks too so much for being so kind to welcome her.
      Mush love & blessings my friend~ BB

  4. Hello, my bloggy sister. This is a very loving, heartfelt welcome, and I am so glad she met you early in her experience as a blogger! She is blessed by you, as you are by her, and as we all are by your words. 😎

    • Oh sweetie you say the most wonderful things to me. Again you bring tears to my eyes.
      Thank you! How did I ever deserve such a bibling like you?

      It felt like the right thing to do, and I had the words just ready to flow so I just went with it. Thanks sweet friend for your kind words. I’m hoping Tracy meets you too, you’ll be sunshine in her life too. ~ BB

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