New Blog – New Dream Realized

I’m so blessed beyond that I’m really a bit emotional today. Why?

It has been my dream always to create something special for and because of children. Anyone that knows me knows that I am extremely passionate about the safety and welfare of our children. I believe that we are a community of villages, and like Secretary of State of the USA , Ms Clinton reminded us that it takes an entire village to raise a chil., We need to become a village here at WordPress Blogs so that missing children and adult’s details are spread across the Internet.

The blogging community is a village. As a village we strive to take care of our children, to keep them safe and harbored from storms.

Another blogging friend and I have both seen the promise of great empowerment with blogs, the people we reach out and touch through blogging. We put our minds together and have created a new blog that will help empower our village. The reality of the power of a blog is what struck us both. And how could we better use that power for children’s sake. With deep concern and prior postings about missing children on both our blogs we saw the dream. We saw the power of the people. You.

You Bloggers have an incredible power at your fingertips, and with your computer. Reblogging posts of lost/missing children and adults that you find posted here has the potential of being seen by thousands. In those thousands there may be the one person who spots the face of one of our missing kids and reports it. Strangers bringing missing children home. What  a novel idea.

My wish today is that you take some time to check out cobbie69’s and mine new blog called “Bring Them Home!

 Like the title says we are in the business of trying to spread the word about missing people, and how to keep our families safe.

Check it out now right here:

Just a small self-serving note: I want to thank Gerry for all his passion, hard work, and committment to helping me make this blog and this dream a reality.

Thank you my good friend! ~ Lady Tj

Credit for all Graphics. Gerry from Gerry’s Space.


17 thoughts on “New Blog – New Dream Realized

    • Oh Pam I feel so awful that I did not make it apparent in this post that this new blog will and does encompass the UK, the USA, Australia and frankly any country who has a credible report. But my new blog partner is actually from your side of the pond. So yes sweetie girl (sorry “-) ) you can be lots of use. Keep us upto date on any news of missing kids, helpful hints, etc.. They may certainly be posted.

      You’re such an awesome friend, even if it did noot involve your side of the pond you were in! That’s devoted friendship and passion about kids.
      Thank you Pam ~ BB

      • It’s no problem being in the UK because most of my followers are in the States so think of me as a link in the chain 🙂 You never know who reads what and who passes things on and if there’s a chance that someone reading my blog sees something they can help with then that’s all we can hope for 🙂

        • I’m really most gratefull Pam that you understand the principle behind what we are trying to do. Yes, you have readers in the states and passing the photos and details by reblogging is doing exactly all I am hoping for. If we help one child, one person, in any way than I am pleased and will feel like we are serving the purpose.

          It’s people like you who will make this work. Thanks agin~ BB

  1. I could not have said it any better, not that I would have wanted to either,… For a guy I am pretty excited about this project… and for someone as laid back as me that is saying something. 😉

    • I think it’s rather charming to have a brother blogger as passionate about this cause. It’s a joint effort built on one aspect, our desire to see no more missing persons ever, especially children.

      Passion is a wonderful thing Cobbie ~ BB

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