Archive | July 27, 2012

2012 Olympic Celebration

I just needed to take a moment to celebrate out loud and to give a shout out for the fabulous job that London has done to prep for this worldwide competition. We have been invited as a world to take part together in the history of this world event; and to this day as a mature adult woman I still get goose bumps at all the pomp and circumstance that revolves around this incredible time.

Taking one small moment in time to thank London and the entire United Kingdom for inviting us into their homes is the least I can do as I have my eyes focused on the television watching and rooting for my TeamUSA and cheering for all of the athletes.

Good on you United Kingdom, London, and all your good people!!

What a wonderfully small world we become for a couple of weeks. Good luck to every athlete, team & country.

Get ready, get set, and…GOOOO!!