2012 Olympic Celebration

I just needed to take a moment to celebrate out loud and to give a shout out for the fabulous job that London has done to prep for this worldwide competition. We have been invited as a world to take part together in the history of this world event; and to this day as a mature adult woman I still get goose bumps at all the pomp and circumstance that revolves around this incredible time.

Taking one small moment in time to thank London and the entire United Kingdom for inviting us into their homes is the least I can do as I have my eyes focused on the television watching and rooting for my TeamUSA and cheering for all of the athletes.

Good on you United Kingdom, London, and all your good people!!

What a wonderfully small world we become for a couple of weeks. Good luck to every athlete, team & country.

Get ready, get set, and…GOOOO!!


21 thoughts on “2012 Olympic Celebration

  1. i love the Olympics this year especially. It is so exciting to see people from around the world especially now that i have come to know bloggers from around the globe! so sweet to know we can all experience the olympics together….

    • Me too Kate!! In fact I was just writing and expressing this same feeling to a friend in the UK. It’s awesome and opens our world so much. I am fascinated by watching teams from countries I now have friends in.

      Enjoy the games my friend ~ BB

  2. Cheers to London for taking it on. It’s too hard for me to watch without my David, but if you say it’s fabulous, BB, that’s good enough for me.
    Blessings – Maxi

    • Oh sweetie I can see what you mean. I’d be lost without my Bear too. It’s been such a tradition.Is the first games since his passing? There must be so many things that remind you of times together. My heart is braking for you.
      Just so you know I thought the opening ceremony was spectaculur, maybe a bit over the top but what did we expect?
      I just think it’s kind of cool that London is hosting again after 1948 where they pulled together the games with just what they had.
      Seeing how it’s their Jubilee as well I think this is really very special for them.

      Can I send you gentle hugs today? ~ BB

      • These are the first games since my David passed away on August 20, 2011 at 12:10pm.

        The pain is as raw as if it were yesterday.
        Blessings – Maxi

        • Dearest Maxi, I could feel your pain in your prior comment. God bless you sweetie and your beloved David. And thank you for allowing me to know his name.
          I think of the years that my Bear & I have been together, longer than I was even at home with my parents. I cannot even bring myself to think about times without him. He is my rock.

          I think that writing about him like this is such a tribute to him, and good for you.
          Have you wrote anything about your life with David on your blog, or even in your private writings?
          I can see where it would be so cathartic for you. I know maybe it’s still too soon, and I would never attempt to tell YOU what in your life you should do, or what I think is good for you.
          But I kind of did didn’t I?

          Much love and many gentle hugs to you today sweetie, ~ BB

    • Oh Yes Joss!! That’s it in one sentence. Perfectly said. It’s also a family thing, I hear things from my kids and grandkids as we all gather that I may not normally hear. Or that they normally don’t share all things.

      It’s kind of cool to hear what my 13 yr old grandson thinks about the tatoo art allowed this time arounnd. Great discussion over that.

      So good to see your smiling face, thanks so much for coming by~ BB

      • my daughter and I, traditionally watch the Olympics together, if we are geographically apart, we watch together while messaging back and forth on Skype. This weekend she is away in Michigan at a wedding so is very weird to not be together.

    • Oh me too Tess. I am into the sports, well not every one but most. But I love the feeling of the spirit of all these countries coming together for one thing. Sports!

      And I like the touristy type shows that are always part of the show. This year London, how fascianting considering that last time there was in 1948. They were still recovering from WWII ~ pretty miraculous what they pulled off then

      Thanks for stopping by and cheering ~ BB.

  3. I too get excited about the Olympics. A beautiful demonstration of world peace and physical and mental strength. Looking forward to watching the opening ceremony.

    • Hi ther Claudia so good to see you. I am looking forward to the games and opening ceremony too. For me it’s the same, it’s about the world peace, of every country putting away for 17 days. Simply amazing

      Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the tome to comment. ~ BB

    • Hi Harry! I just realized it’s yoou! You changed your blog title and I only just realized it’s you from your photo. When did you do that?
      I’m sorry I have bveen out of the loop lately.

      We’re ready to be pulling those metals in too – yet I’m still excited for the UK, it would be so awesome for the country to do welll.

  4. I forgot to tell you the other day I love your complaints are only handles…comment…that’s hilarious!

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