Mom Leaves Baby In Sweltering Car, Goes Shopping

There are some things in this world that cause me to shake my head over and over. Over and over , time again.  This is one of those times. The news story below is one of those reasons I shake my head over and over when I hear repeated stories. Taken from the AOL News feed  I receive on my browser; my senses as a human being, a mom, a grandmom, are all assaulted AGAIN with this kind of news. Unfortunately this news article never mentioned where or what part of the USA that this took place in.                                                               

I don’t mean to be judgemental but… Come “on People!

Temperatures reached an estimated 140 degrees inside the vehicle

A 25-year-old mother was taken into police custody after authorities found her 4-month-old baby alone in a sweltering car.

According to ABC News, the mother pulled up to a Toda Moda clothing store, rolled up the windows and casually went inside to do some shopping. Meanwhile, the baby girl sat in the vehicle as temperatures inside rose to 140 degrees.

Fortunately, a mall employee saw the baby and called authorities. An officer quickly arrived on scene and helped yank the window down and pull the baby out. The baby was motionless and the rescuers thought they may have lost her. The officer tried reviving child for several minutes.

When the mother finally came out of the clothing store, she found her baby near death and police officers all over the scene. According to a witness at the scene, the mother did not start crying until she was put in handcuffs.

The baby was taken to a local hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.”

(See ABC News video at link below. Sorry folks this Baroness has not quite figured out how to insert  video any other way.)…

I don’t believe that anyone is that dumb or uninformed about hot cars. I instead believe that this comes from either a place of laziness or selfishness. Or both. This baby’s life was endangered because of these two things?

Seriously, I’m quite disgusted.

Thanks so much for  the quick thinking of the first responders and with great gratitude for God.

31 thoughts on “Seriously?

  1. It’s painful enough when idiots do this to dogs. But a baby? Really? Of course I know it’s true. A baby died in our area a few years back while the parent was inside a store, doing some video gambling. I’m glad the ending for this child was better.

  2. Yes, yes and yes to all the above comments. Makes you wonder if people sometimes just put their brains on park, or if they really are so heartless.

    • I know what you mean Carol. I have not been able to figure out where their brains are too. Or if they have any. I also wonder if it has to do with them just being too lazy to make any effort at all. Makes me ill.

      I’m always so glad to see you add your thoughts to my posts, you honor me. ~ BB

  3. This is too mind boggling to understand. How can a mother not have heart? I’ve heard stories like this every year. When will parents stop putting themselves first–the real reason for this problem.

    • I so agree with you Tess. It’s about pure selfishness and laziness. The mom in this case should be charged with attmpted murder or manslaughter.
      I just do not get how people can walk away from a car on a hot day, or any day for that matter with a child in the car. Arrgghh!!

  4. What a pity that people can not be vetted for suitablity before they can become parents. I remember visiting Portland, Maine in 2000 and hearing on the radio that a father had forgotten to drop off his baby at daycare and gone straight to work where he parked on the open top of a building, not realising that the baby was still in the car. Only much later when the daycare called his wife to find out where the child was did he remember that he was supposed to drop the baby off. By that time it was too late, the baby was dead. Tragic story, it really upset me at the time. How do you forget that you are a parent and have responsibilities? Seriously some people are just too self absorbed to be parents!

    • Hi optie!!
      I actually remember this case because I watched the trial. I’m a bit of a trial junkie so the any case that involves a child I’m there. I became a CASA when my grand babies f=got older because I knew I had so much more to give kids. And so I added the two passions together. I recall being physically ill to think that a parent could forget a child anytime. And what a lame excuse he gave!! That he did not take their child to daycare as routine. What?!

      I am applauding your comment here, if I gave an award for best comment on a post yours my friend would take the cake. Vetting to become a parent would be the first step I’d take in a world where I was queen. I’d also add parenting classes to every parent of a new born to be continued right through toddler stage. Then again about the age of 12 through 16.
      I even will admit as a young mom I could have used some education, although my instincts were good.

      Thanks so much for adding your thoughts here. They are valuable and spot on so I do hope that you will keep coming back and sharing more ~ BB

        • Shame on me writing this as if everyone lives in the USA and would know. Forgive me optie.
          CASA is a family court program started in the mid 1970’s by a judge was saw that there was no one looking out for what the children in family cases thought or wanted. Everyone else was represented but the children. CASA stands for Court Appointed Special Advocate.
          A child, a parent, a social worker, a barrister, or a judge may request a CASA for a child that is involved in a family court case.. It is their right by law in this country to have a CASA. In my state we now have legislation that also mandates that any court case that has a child in the family must be moved to family court. It has helped keep things and children from falling through the cracks in our courts and because of court litigation.
          There is an extensive training program that CASA’s must attend and the job is purely volunteer.

          I do hope this helps some without sounding like a lecture.
          Here’s the link if you’d like more information.


          Take care and thanks so much for your interest~ BB

    • Hey you! It’s so good to see your smiling face. It is pretty crazy. There is an added update below in in Rhonda’s comment. This happened in San Diego. Like Rhonda said & I agreel there would havebeen no waiting for police for me. I would have something to break a window open to get that baby out now, not later when an official arrived.

      Crazy is so right on ~ thanks so much for coming by. I have missed seeing your input!

  5. BB…this happened in San Diego. Here the link to the local news story

    To reiterate what you have said…yes, thank God for the person (a maintenance man) who called authorities and thank God they got there when they did. However, had I been in the shoes of the man who phoned police…I would have taken it upon myself to break the window and not wait. No way would I wait. This woman has 2 other children. Isn’t that just wonderful.

    • I thank you so much Rhonda for this follow up. I hope that those reading this will also take heed. Like You Rhonda I would no way have waited for ploice with that baby on the side of the glass from me. No way. I would break the glass for an animal too. In a heartbeat of my own I would be breaking it. Explain later.
      Some people should not be parents, or have children who cannot fend for themselves in their custody. As someone who has spent some time in family courts as a CASA I see parents getting chances over and over. when it comes to crimes against persons there just should not be a second chance to cause further harm.

      Thanks again Rhonda~ BB

      • You are welcome and it surprises me NOT that you were a CASA. I’m getting ready to publish my post on Adam Walsh and will send you the link. Thanks BB, you are a champ.

        • God Bless you Rhonda! You’re the best! I saw your incredible post and reblogged it into my own blog. Which I rarely do by the way but when it comes to children I’ll reblog, repost, and post my own to get the word out.
          Thanks again for that and for the Code Adam reminder for myself. I’d forgotten. It’s being printed to add to ny fridge wjere the other kids rules are posted

          Take care ~ BB

          • I am in good company BB. And the reminder for Code Adam needed to be done I think, though I will say I’ve heard it put into play recently, so I know it’s still an effective tool in the fight against this horrific practice. Thanks for re-blogging, I sincerely pray we never lose site of the things we can do.

  6. This “person” should be tried for attempted murder. This “person” has no more regard for human life than the “person” from Colorado. I use the term “person” very lightly as you see.


    • Welcome Tim! I applaud your kind of thinking. Attempted murder would be a good charge although I’m not certain it would stick. Manslaughter and grave child abuse should be included in the charges.

      I agree “person” is too good for this species, as well as mom, mother is used loosely. Too many times these young girls end up having a child for all the wrong reasons, to hold on to a guy, to have someone love :just” them.

      Our genertion 20 somethings seem like most are lost souls struggling. It’s really sad.
      Please come back, I welcome your input ~ BB

  7. Sounds like selfishness to me since she only cried when SHE was handcuffed. Hopefully this baby will be removed from this home and placed in a living home somewhere. Bless these people who called and responded. Shoot, even here where I live you can get arrested for leaving your animal in your car, let alone your child and police will break your windows to get either out too. Sad.

    • Hello Jenlynn, I agree. In my state you will be arrested for both as well. I don’t know of it state where it is at least criminal endangerment of a minor child. At least! This is out right neglect and I like what you observed. Her tears. Only tears for her own self, no remorse, no concern for that baby at all. It sickens me. I think of the women and men who cannot have children and want them so badly.

      As I said before, I hate to be judgmental but this is just wrong! And there is not one plausible excuse in the books that she’ll be able to share with the Judge. If she even is ever in front of a judge, so often these are plea bargained down to lesser charges.

      Thanks so much for visiting and sharing your thoughts as well. ~ BB

  8. 25-year-old mom; I, for one, am not surprised. The children of parents of my age group were allowed to get away with so much sh*t as little kids that now that idea is ingrained: “I can’t get in trouble. My mommy told me I was successful, (smart, a good sport, yeah right,) even when I failed, or lost.” What crap this new generation of parents has been fed their whole lives — No winning or losing at T-ball or Little League, because, “Mommy wouldn’t want her child to feel that someone else is better than they are.” Others are often better at certain activities than that child, and s/he needs to learn follow rules, be responsible for his/her own actions, and lose with grace. What a screwed-up mess our society has become. This 25-year old should be thrown in jail, and so should her parents! Sorry for the rant, but this kind of thing pisses me off! 😦

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