Know These Rules Kids!

Hello my blogging friends – this is just for you: My friend and brother blogger and I have created a campaign of posting missing children alerts on our blogs to bring awareness to the children’s stories and most importantly their faces. Some of you may have seen some posts all ready.  The idea is to get their photos out to more people around this world. How can that hurt? So my friend at and I had hoped that our readers would also pick up on the idea, and also post the alert information on their own blog, and their readers do the same and on and on.

Can you imagine how many people we can put these children’s faces in front of with such little effort on our part? I have a feeling that what I expected from you all was not fair, when I look back and see that I did nothing to explain or request you all  into thinking about joining us. All any would of us  have to do is  click on “REBLOG” This is a purpose, a way that we can put the Reblogging to work for the good. What do you think? I have this image of an alert that will go from my blog to yours, from yours to your blogging friends who will also join us and reblog the alert again on their post, and on and on… 

Think about it being a Random Act of Kindness.  I hope you’ll join us. 

I am also adding something I hope you’ll find helpful and with a great purpose for you to take away today; I am adding these important and priceless tips for summer and your kids. Even as grandparents we can learn a lot from these tips. I’ve posted them on our fridge next to the “Pocket Perspectives” @ I’ve chosen to print and post for the amazing affirmations value I find they give me.Her posts lift my days – I encourage you to have a looksee.

Our grandson is here for the month and though he is 13 he is still not too old to adhere to and use these tips  below when he leaves our sight.  So he is reminded of them every time he opens that fridge door.

And teen boys open and close the fridge door a lot during summer days.

Enjoy Your Safe & Peaceful Summer

Know the Rules®…Summer Safety Tips to Teach Children

  1. Always CHECK FIRST with your parents, guardians, or the trusted adult in charge before you go anywhere or do anything. Be sure to CHECK IN regularly with your parents, guardians, or a trusted adult when you’re not with them.
  2. Always TAKE A FRIEND with you when playing or going anywhere. It’s safer and more fun.
  3. Be aware of people who offer you treats or gifts. Never accept anything from anyone without your parents’ or guardians’ permission.
  4. Stay SAFER when you’re home alone by keeping the doors and windows locked; not opening the door for or talking to anyone who comes to the home unless the person is a trusted family friend or relative, you feel comfortable being alone with that person, and the visit has been preapproved by your parents or guardians; and never telling anyone who calls that you’re home alone. If your parent or guardian cannot be reached, have a neighbor or other trusted adult you are able to call if you feel scared, uncomfortable, or confused or there’s an emergency.
  5. Always TAKE A FRIEND with you when using a public restroom.
  6. Always TAKE A FRIEND with you when going to malls, movies, parks, or entertainment centers. And always CHECK FIRST with your parents or guardians to make sure it’s OK.
  7. Identify the safest place to go or person to ask for help in reuniting you with your parents or guardians if you become lost. Safe helpers could be a uniformed law-enforcement or security officer, store salesperson with a nametag, person with a nametag who is working at the information booth, or mother with children. Never search for your parents or guardians on your own, and never go with anyone who is trying to reunite you with them.
  8. Be careful when you play outside. Stay away from pools, canals, and other bodies of water unless you are with a trusted adult. Don’t play near busy streets or deserted areas, and never take shortcuts.
  9. Leave clothes or items displaying your name at home and don’t be confused just because a person you don’t know calls out your name.
  10. Say NO if anyone you don’t know or a person who makes you feel scared, uncomfortable, or confused offers you a ride. CHECK FIRST with your parents or guardians before taking a ride from anyone.
  11. Be careful playing outside as it gets dark. Sometimes it is difficult for people driving to see you. Wear reflectors and protective clothing if your parents or guardians say you may play outside after dark.
  12. Say NO and GET AWAY from any person or situation making you feel scared, uncomfortable, or confused. TRUST YOUR FEELINGS, and be sure to TELL a trusted adult if anything happens to make you feel this way. And it’s never too late to tell a trusted adult what happened.

Have a safe and fun summer!

Copyright © 1993, 2005, 2009, and 2010 National Center for Missing & Exploited Children®. All rights reserved.

This project was supported by Grant No. 2010-MC-CX-K001 awarded by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice. Points of view or opinions in this document are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the U.S. Department of Justice. Know the Rules®, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® and 1-800-THE-LOST® are registered service marks of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. NCMEC Order #82.

Featured Services
24-Hour Hotline
1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678)
An Internet, safety-education resource for children (5-17), parents, guardians, educators, and law enforcement
TruTV In Session’s Find Our Children Segment
New television series that features one missing child case each week is airing on TruTV. View featured cases.

47 thoughts on “Know These Rules Kids!

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    • Thanks so much for your Reblog of this important World Wide Issue. It’s a Universal thing and will take a Universal effort to bring these babies home. Keeping all children home with their parents is our prayer and hope as well. Thanks so much for your effort today~ And welcome to both blogs!

    • Aww Kate thanks so much. You are a peach of a friend to do this. It’s a movement that we pray takes off, If we can help one child come home or even stay safe it’s been well worth it. Such a little ffort for a big outcome.~ BB

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    • I put a MISSING KIDS link on my blog roll linking to their site…until I figure out another way to highlight it in my theme, which is somewhat limited for images or widgets on the sidebar.

    • Hello Rhonda, Thanks so much for taking the time to come by and comment. I like suggesting to others that they do as you have done. A friend and I are working on creating a blog specifically just for missing people and ways to keep our children safe. It’s debut will be coming very soon.

      I’m excited by your passion Rhonda, if we had more people on board like you we could do miracles in helping to get these peoples faces out there. Can you imagine the power of blogs that could have this wonderful impact for the good?

      Please do cme back again soon.~ BB

      • BB,
        I’ve linked the NCMEC on both of my blogs with a plea for all my readers to check the site and the alert each time they visit, as well as adding a link their own sites. This is such a great thing you are doing and when your other site is up and running…I will link that one also. And yes, I think this is a terrific venue to get more people involved. I’ve never met so many compassionate and engaged people in my life. Anything I can do to help…just let me know. I’m there. And I will visit often, and you are always welcome at my house.

        • You know I am still pleasantly surprised with such gratitude when I continue to mee terrific people like you here while blogging. It was something that is a wonderful bonus for m. I wanted a place I could store my writing in a cloud, and images of my artworks. The blogging family blew me away.

          I’m so pleased to meet a sister who has as much passion as I do about children. Like minded people gathering in social networks will move mountains.

          Thanks for moving mountains with me. ~BB

    • Thank you so much Robyn! Our hope is that when people see a missing child alert here or on a newly to come blog focusing solely on children’s safety and welfare that the post/alert will be reblogged by them, and from there on and on and on. Getting these babies (all children) missing photos and information around our world while just blogging. Simplicity at it’s Best.!

      I’m most grateful to see your smiling face friend.
      Please do come back again. ~ BB

    • Thank you so very much for stopping by and taking the time to leave such a great comment. A blogging buddy and I are also trying to inform people of missing chilren alerts across the world and to get a movement going here on WP where people will reblog the missing alerts. From one blog to another and on and on ….

      Keep your eyes focused here for news of an upcoming blog focused on missing children and the safety of children that we need to know. As you so well put it, something people need to be reminded of…
      Thanks again~ BB

    • Are there any more that you could/would add? I think parenting/grandparenting, watching out for children by all, it’s all our jobs to keep them safe.

      Thanks for your devoted support Tess~ BB

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  5. Reblogged this on Diabetic Redemption and commented:
    At the urging of my friend, Lady Barefoot Baroness, I am reblogging today’s post. BB is working quite hard to put together a community of knowledgeable people who can help with missing children, and following these rules helps to avoid that situation; they are also good for general safety, health, and happiness in the family.
    Thank you, Lady Barefoot Baroness!

    • Aw Thank you Judith!! You are most wonderful for reblogging this and although I felt that I could count on you I am so delighted that it was not me just assumming. Thank you Thank you!! Loving every minute that I can count on such a good friend and sister for her support.

      I believe that there may be something BIGGER in the works to help advocate for missing kids, and aimed at protecting kids in the first place. You’re the first Ive even hinted to about this. Tru!sting that this project could have your support is such a good feeling.

      You’re my hero today for reblogging! You’re the first!
      Much Love and gentle hugs today! BB

    • Thanks you so much for taking the time to comment. I’m delighted you feel the same way as my friend Gerry & I do. If you’d like to reblog this post or any of the missing children alerts just click reblog on any of the which you can find at the top of your blog page. To finc missing children alerts go to my catergory link Missing Children & Adults on my right siude-bar. Thanks again~ BB

    • Yes Jjust click on reblog. A small dialog box will appear at the top of your page near the reblog word, you can add a comment of your own or not. Then just click reblog. Simple. And by the way there are no dumb questions.

      No, I’m not on FB anymore. I found it too intrusive into my life. I’ve not missed it one bit and love the time it frees me up with.

      Thanks so much for joining in. I think it’s great. ~ BB

    • What do you think Gerry? Honestly? Is the request to have others reblog the alerts too subtle, too cheeky, or too rude? Or do you think it’s a gentlle enough seque?
      I want the whole community of WP involved, I’d lke to see this as a blogging movement. We can do this, us old activists still have enough good fight left in us.

      So now we’ll wait and see. In the meantime I hate it. but we’ll be kept busy with as many children die in our world at the hands of another human.

      Did I tell you how grateful I am for you and I thank you? ~ BB

        • Thanks Gerry, going there now to check it out. It may not be till later that I get back to you about it. But I will be back for more chat about this project. I agree, I think our blogs are our own and this is such a genius idea on your part. I cannot express to you how much of a dream this has been of mine to do something on this kind of level for kids. I do local work as a CASA in three county family courts which I adore – this is just something else I never imagined even attempting being able to be part of. Thank you so much my good and dear blogging friend. ~ BB

        • Reply #2. I read the support piece from WP and it looks really easy! I had no idea. I missed grabbing your email with your last email alert in my email, thought about it as I hit delete. Anyway, no problem. You’ll either find mine or I your’s. Passwords and such until we get the blog going will have to be communicated privately of course. I trust you to be an administrator with on this with me without any second thoughts. WHow do you feel about it? I believe we both should own it and have the same rights. After we get it set we can always use the draft file to leave one another business notes about the blog so that they are not seen publicly.

          Have I told you today how awesome you are? I happen to really admire children’s advocates big time. In my eyes there is no higher thing of goodness a person can do. Thank you. ~ BB

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