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Share Your World Week #33

Although I am later in publishing this post than I had meant to  Cee’s questions are just in time to add back a bit of normalcy to our lives. For those of us who participate in SYW, and all of us who are mourning the deaths of those who lost their lives to a senseless massacre in Auroro Colorado let us begin the healing today with brightness and hope. 

In memory of these people; in the spirit of life and our need to be together through this tragedy I bring the names of those who lost their lives to our SYW and this week of mourning so that we may all be together here, if just for one moment of silence.

God Speed! We must believe your loss will not be in vain.

Jonathon T Blunk (26)

Alexander J Boik (18)

Jesse E Childress (29)

Gordon W Cowden (51)

Jessica Ghawi (24)

John Thomas Larimer (27)

Mathew R McQuinn (27)

Micayla C Medek (23)

Veronica Moser-Sullivan (6)

Alex M Sullivan (27)

Alexander C Teves (24)

Rebecca Ann Wingo (32)

moment of silence here:

In their memory

SHARE your world questions and my answers

  • (1) What type of pets do you have or want?

We have an orange tabby whose name is Truman. He looks like a cat but it all stops there. Truman actually has an identity crisis thinking he’s part person, part puppy, and lately part guinea pig. . He is also extremely verbal and the little fella makes the best nap buddy. He cannot stand being cold although he is just 8 yrs old. In the summertime when we have the A/C on you’ll find Truman asleep in the garage. Truman has been an inside cat all his life and will continue to be so. Although an indoor kitty he does travel, in 2010 he spent 7 hours on a road trip one way with us and spent a week on the Oregon coast being the “Beau of the Ball” at the resort.

  • (2)  Would you rather take pictures or be in pictures?

Take one look in our photo albums and scrapbooks and you’ll see that I prefer to take the photographs. Never feeling like I was very photogenic and rarely liking photos of myself I have to say I’ll stay behind the lens.

  • (3) What household chore do you absolutely hate doing?

Easy! Bathrooms. I detest doing bathrooms maybe because as the only girl child in our home growing up the bathroom chores always fell on me. I have two brothers, one older, one younger in my family. Need I say anything more? Thankfully I had two girls.  🙂

  • (4) What’s your least favorite mode of transportation?

I Love such great questions that for me I don’t have to really struggle to find that right answer as I so often do. I always enjoy having to reach down deep for good answers but to be honest I don’t have it in me this weekend.

The answer to my last question “wha’s your favorite least mode of transportation: is flying. I am not a good flyer and would rather take ground transportation when I can, Saying that it is my least favorite is a bit of an understatement as getting on an airplane terrifies me. It has cost me from doing the traveling my heart wants to take me on, but that  my mind plays tricks on me, and the thought strikes fear all through me. I have flown several times, and although I don’t like it I have come to a point in my life where the desire to travel and see new people, new things out weighs my fear.