What Do We Say?

Aurora Colorado U.S.A.

God Speed to the victims who lost their lives and may their families feel the love and support from their nation as well as from their family & close friends.

Our Prayers & Thoughts to those healing and recovering from both the physical and emotional pains, may the scars not run so deeply that recovery seems so far in the distant. God Bless the many families affected by this tragic horrific crime.

I no longer know what to say anymore, time and time again this happens. The words just won’t come. I’m at a loss to understand how this can continue to happen today.


12 thoughts on “What Do We Say?

  1. I just watched Denver’s news feed on my computer yesterday in tears. It brought back so much for Chris and I since we were in Colorado and in the middle of Columbine. Now everyone in Denver area has to go through it all again. All I can say is I am real glad I don’t live there anymore. Yes healing and energy is flowing to Aurora and it’s countless victims.

    • I’ve been thinking about you so much Cee and just knew you were there for Colunbine. I know this well too. Our daughters high school in Springfield, Oregon: Thurston HS also had a shooting spree right after Colunbine. I’m feeling a bit Post Traumatic. and am certain you must be too.
      I’ve been shaking, weepy and cannot get my kids & theirs close enough.

      I just want this to stop, we have to better than this as humans. ~

      Much love and gentle hugs tonight, tomorrow and when they are needed. I’m here if you need to talk. Love you Cee~ BB

    • Thank you so much Gerry for stopping by, Somehow I knew I could count in you. I believe that sharing our thoughts and feelings is what will help us heal as a world together. Coming together as once, albeit even virtually is where the healing begins.
      You’re the best Cobbie~ BB

    • What do we say to our children in our life? How can something like this be expained away?
      I’m in shock, mourning , and with that comes some anger.
      When will we stop letting our gun laws be so effected by NRA lobbyist? To own or have assault weapons in this country is so easy. Too easy. There is something very wrong with our gun laws in this country!

      Thanks for letting steam off, it’s always so comforting when I find your words on my blog.
      Big Loving Squeezes being sent via smoke signals today~ BB

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