Six Word Saturday July 2012

Today’s Six Word Saturday has a different feel and purpose. As our nation once again begins the mourning process and the progression through recovery.

Let today not be about the why of it all, instead let us put our collective palms together in prayers for the victims and their families. Words are too little, but it seems it’s all we have. And while some of us cannot  seem to find the words needed to express their own grief we can as a united nation help in expressing as one. 

My Six Words~




18 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday July 2012

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    • Thanks Tess, you know that you joining your words here with the others was important to me. I’m so glad you came by here especially.
      Hope that you are being extra kind to yourself. ~ BB

    • Your words added here in these comments are also a good begining. To come together as a nation, as a continent, as a world is the only way that we will ever succeed in finding peace in our homelands, in our universe, in our lifetime.
      I continue to pray.
      Thanks so much for finding my post, taking time to add your feelings. I find much comfort in comeing together. ~ BB

    • You’re so absolutely right my friend, the whole world weeps together. I don’t know what I was thinking. Obviously was not. Thanks for making this addendum to my post, I think it’s a valuable and priceless one and I’m so grateful that you did. Thank you and hugs to you dear friend. ~BB

        • Oh sweet blogging friend I so did not feel you were chastising me in anyway. It was own rea;ization that in my need and hurry to write I did think exclusivily, not inclusivily like I should have.
          It was my own eyes opening up to that I was leaving the rest ofour sensitive world out. We are divided only BY boundty lines and oceans anymore, certainly we are blessed to be a united front now on many issues. My dream and hopes include one day all issues will be seen as one . The Universe a whole.

          You say the kindest things and must be so easily adored by family and friends. I’m so glad we’ve met. ~ BB

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