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Six Word Saturday July 2012

Today’s Six Word Saturday has a different feel and purpose. As our nation once again begins the mourning process and the progression through recovery.

Let today not be about the why of it all, instead let us put our collective palms together in prayers for the victims and their families. Words are too little, but it seems it’s all we have. And while some of us cannot  seem to find the words needed to express their own grief we can as a united nation help in expressing as one. 

My Six Words~




What Do We Say?

Aurora Colorado U.S.A.

God Speed to the victims who lost their lives and may their families feel the love and support from their nation as well as from their family & close friends.

Our Prayers & Thoughts to those healing and recovering from both the physical and emotional pains, may the scars not run so deeply that recovery seems so far in the distant. God Bless the many families affected by this tragic horrific crime.

I no longer know what to say anymore, time and time again this happens. The words just won’t come. I’m at a loss to understand how this can continue to happen today.