Missing Cousins in Iowa~ Bring Them Home Please!


The newest information can be found here: http://www.hlntv.com/video/2012/07/19/aunt-missing-iowa-girls-theyre-not-lake?hpt=hln10_2

Background story from HLN News:

The aunt of two missing Iowa girls said Thursday that she does not believe the father of one of the girls was involved in their disappearance.

“He knew absolutely nothing about this,” Tammy Brousseau said of Daniel Morrissey on HLN’s Nancy Grace. Morrissey’s 10-year-old daughter, Lyric Cook, and his eight-year-old niece, Elizabeth Collins, have been missing for nearly a week.

The cousins were last seen by their grandmother in Evansdale, Iowa, on Friday morning when they left to go for a bike ride and never returned. The girls’ bikes were found a few miles away near Meyers Lake later that afternoon, along with a purse and cell phone belonging to one of them.

Morrissey told KCCI that he feels like he has been treated like a suspect during his interviews with police. Investigators have not named any suspects in the case and have not said there is clear evidence of foul play.

“It made me feel like, yes, they were looking at me like a suspect,” Morrissey reportedly said. “But as far as what I know, I’m not—I know the truth. I know I’m telling the truth.”

Brousseau acknowledged that Morrissey has a long criminal history, which court records show includes several drug charges and an arrest last year for domestic assault, but she said his past is irrelevant. Lyric’s mother, Misty Cook-Morrissey, also has a criminal record that includes a 2004 conviction on federal drug charges.

“Would Dan ever do something like this? Harm his children? Absolutely not. He’s cooperated 100 percent with the police,” Brousseau told HLN’s Jane Velez-Mitchell Wednesday.

According to Brousseau, Morrissey was several miles away—at his mother’s home in Waterloo with one of his sons—on Friday afternoon when Lyric and Elizabeth went missing and he did not have a car. Morrissey told HLN Thursday that he has taken a polygraph test but he does not know the results.

As FBI dive teams prepared to search Meyers Lake, Brousseau said again Thursday that the family does not believe the girls are in the water.“The shoes would have been found on the shore” if they had tried to swim, she said.

Authorities had been draining Meyers Lake since Monday, but officials told HLN they have halted that effort in order to allow divers and searchers with side-scan and 360-degree sonar to examine the deeper parts of the lake. An FBI spokeswoman said that search is expected to take place on Thursday or Friday.

Brousseau said the girls could have been kidnapped from the side of the lake, and she urged their abductor to bring them back safely.

“Whoever has them, please let them go,” she said. “We need our girls back…We love you, Lyric and Elizabeth, if you can see this, we’re here, we’re waiting. Please see in your heart whoever has them, return our kids home.”

Thank you HLNTV.com for the background story and photo. We are keeping these two girl’s and their family’s in our thoughts and prayers. Lets help bring them home ~

8 thoughts on “Missing Cousins in Iowa~ Bring Them Home Please!

  1. It’s so heartbreaking, and incomprehensible how anyone can hurt innocent children–my heart overflows with prayers to God.

    • Lifting these two babies up to our Lord in Heaven for safety and guidance to bring them home back to their parents.

      I can hardly stand the news sis caddo, but to ignore the little time it takes me to post their adorable faces so that maybe God willing someone will recognize them is not something I can do.
      I have vowed to use this blog and the blogging world to pass missing children information around. It’s just another platform to get their photos out there.more.

      Hugs to you my firnd for stopping by, and as always lending your heartfelt prayers. ~ BB

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