Share Your World Week #31

Another SYW week and again I am late. Go figure. Maybe the word late should be added to my legal name. I’m not late for appointments, just deadlines it seems. Oh well. I’m enjoying summer, enjoying life, and enjoying my grandson and family. So deadlines be hanged!

That being said though I have to add that I really like playing along with SYW each week. It’s a fun way to share things about yourself you would never have thought on your own. I guarantee it. Cee has this inane gift of coming up with the right mixture of questions each week that glean the most unusual and different facts about ourselves that it’s quite possible you’ll even learn something about yourself. From yourself. Interesting!

You can find Cee’s Share Your World @

All you have to do to participate is visit her blog. She will post a new set of questions each weekend and if you think it matters that you are starting in week ??? It does not. I did not start until the 15th or 16th week.

Come-on then. Join us!

The Questions & The Answers:

  • Do you plan out things usually or do you do them more spontaneous (for example if you are visiting a big city you don’t know?)


(1)  I’d like to follow through on my great plans and itinerary when vacationing, but I am just not that person. I say I’d like to only because I know I’d accomplish seeing more if the touristy spots I’d planned on. But truth be known I am a lazy and spontaneous traveler. Which may be why I prefer  road tripping to any other kind of travel.

  • If you could live in any OTHER time, when would it be and why?

(2)  This is an easy one for me. I talk about this often. Although I was born in the mid 1950’s I wish that I had been born much earlier. Even to the point that sometimes I wonder of there was some weird cool scientic mistake. Some time warp or something.  I would be completely comfortable as an adult in the late 1940’s and 50’s. There is not really one aspect at all that I can think of that would deter from feeling this way. Right down to the baby blue 1955 Chevy I’d have.

  • Do you prefer reading short stories or novels?

(3)  Definitely novels. I like to get into a good book and then almost detest when it comes to an end. This may be a reason why I like to read the same author and sometimes serials. 

  • As a kid was there any kind of candy that you didn’t like to get?

(4)  This is another easy one for me. We did not get a lot of candy as lids, so  cannot think of any one that I would have turned my nose up tp then. Today though my tatses are a bit more refined thankfully. I do not like anything with cherry in it. Fame cherry is not a good taste to my palate. My all time favorite candybar would be hands down a Milyway. I aslo love any chocolate except the fraud chocolate: White Chocolate. 

This has been so much fun once again. I do hope you’ll join me next week for another entry in….…Share Your World………….


27 thoughts on “Share Your World Week #31

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  2. Always nice to find fellow licorice lovers, we are very few. And the licorice root? liking that tells on our age haha….
    I enjoyed reading your answers 🙂

    • Thanks so mmuch Marina for stopping by. Yes, licoric root, I also believe its really a great thing to add to a person’s daily diet. It’s good for you. I have not been able to move into savory dishes yet wuth the taste of licorice.
      But in sweets or by itself Yummo!

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    • Thanks little sis, I have dresses from the era I am enamored in. Sadly though I do not have a 19inch waist. 🙂

      I think of time going back, and going forward so I do hope that both types of machines are being created.

        • I know, my mom hung on to really beautiful leather belt that had a stunning southwestern scene burnt into it. It was really wide in front and back but really narrowed on the sides, making a 19″ wait look even smaller I’m sure. I could wear it as a child and wish now I’d kept it when she FINALLY gave up her hope to wear it again. It must have been a good 20 to 25 yrs old when I played dress-up with it. I can’t imagine hanging onto bell bottoms that long. 🙂

          I love how you give yourself credit. We all should. Its taken a long time and a lot of work to get to who I am. I earned the right to be comfortabnle in my own skin finally. Right? Isn’t that where we should all get to?

  4. First and foremost you can’t be late in responding….there is no dead line. You can even answer the first week’s. The only deadline is that I post every week!!!

    Once again great answers… always. Hope the b-day boy had a great day!

    • Hi again Cee~ we really should never stop meetiing like this. LOL.. silly mood I am in. You’re so awesome about not having a deadline on this! I never knew that we could be so laid back. I have a post in my drafts from some 20 somthing SYW week that I just have not brought myself to delete. Now I know why.
      The birthday boy had a fabulous day. Thanks you are a sweetie for his well wishes. ~ He had no idea he has so many friends he does not know. That”s support and a community!

  5. I love this, Baroness–great answers (mine will be up at midnight oh-two tonight)!! I love Milky Way bars too–and I’ve always thought I had more of a 50’s mentality, so we would probably have been friends in the time period you mentioned! See you soon. God bless you Big–love, sis Caddo

    • Morning Did Caddo~ Thanks so much for sharing with me here. I am not surprized that we have alike things. I have to get to Cee’s SYW post so that I can read everyone’s postings. I wait until I have done mine and I think everyone else has done theirs too before I go and get links from Cee’s page.

      I finally slept some and my head is down to about a 4, maybe I can hild it there.
      Hoping and sending prayers that you are doing well today and up to your energetic self.

      • Bless your heart, Sweet Sis–I’ll be holding you up in prayer all day, that the headache will be diminished to zero, by God’s healing touch of Grace. And I’ll see you on the flip side!! God bless you Big–love, sis Caddo

      • Bless your heart, Sweet Sis–I’ll be holding you up in prayer all day, that the headache will be diminished to zero, by God’s healing touch of Grace. And I’ll see you on the flip side!! God bless you Big–love, sis Caddo

    • Hi Gerry! Good to see your smiling words.
      Hope you are well?
      I loved the candy you disliked. But it has to be the real thing, black. I like the 1920’s too but before the 1900 would have been a bit too rough for me. The 20;s what a blast, I think I would have been a very head strong girl.

      Have an awesome week ahead~ BB

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