A Better Outlook Looking In

It is important to me that I come this day after a pretty cheeky post about feeling sorry for myself  yesterday and say that all is not lost. Today my outlook about my life when I look inward is back on track. I’m not likely to go down that particular path for some time.

Finding the need to express my many thanks to my blogging family for the most incredible support is sitting on my chest right now like a huge elephant who is reminding how special each of you are to me. The words I read here after posting such a whiny message are stunning. So much love and support baffles me to be honest. I knew going into the post that it was going to be a pity party for one. I had to get it out myself, Like a festering wound if left alone it turns into an infection. I knew that trekking backwards was not an option. I thought about deleting the whole thing though.

I’m grateful today that I did not delete the whole thing, I am grateful today that as much as it pained me emotionally to not participate in the going ons of celebrating my country’s Independence Day I am not in pain physically today. And because of the freedom to write what’s on my mind with no worries of persecution or censorship I realized that I was actually very much celebrating in my own way. Celebrating my own freedom to write from my own person and not be concerned with the outcome is pretty amazing when I think about it today.

So back in my saddle again this Baroness finds herself once again playing the “Glad Game” Being Pollyanna has always been a trait of my own, something that has gotten me through times of chaos that truly have an effect on life. Finding a reason to be glad about something is not too far-fetched from who I am, yesterday was the abnormal for me. I don’t often cry in spilt milk.

This Barfooted and happily contented Baroness wants you to know how much she adores the friendships and loves she has found here. You all are the most astonishing people, and she thanks you from the very bottom of her heart and deepest reaches of her soul.

You’re The Best! I’m most grateful for you being a part of my world. Thank you again Dear friends!




28 thoughts on “A Better Outlook Looking In

  1. Hey, I missed the whining darn it!!!!!!!!!!! I have been gone for five days or so. I am glad this post says you feel better. Life has been a tad of a meat grinder, but I came out a patty at least and not ground round. I am still hamburger but you know steak, as me, would be out of the question. Ha!! 🙂

    • Hi Terri, welcome back!!
      I knew something was up when you were away for so long. I was begining to worry a bit. Just glad you’re back no matter what grind you ended up. Although certainly understand the feeling and don’t wish it upon you so I hope you are feel better soon. And I hope things are okay.

      You did not miss a thing with me showing a side of myself myabe not so pretty. Back in the saddle again so to speak and today celebrating our grandson’s 13th birthday. The kids all took off for the river to get out of the heat so I thought I’d sneak online for a bit. Glad I found you stopped by. I missed you.

      Take care, okay?

  2. We all have our moments Baroness. Even Pollyanna had her moment as your remember and needed friends to bring her out of it. That is what we are here for! We are better together as Rick Warren would say!
    P.S. I was thinking of preaching on Pollyanna and her glad game at the end of the month and was waiting on God to confirm it to my heart. Guess what you were used by God to make up my mind!

    • That’s so cool jelillie!! I so love it when God uses me for anything Good and Holy, but this takes the cake. I am so loved by God that this is also Him confirming through you that reaching out when I’m down was not a bad thing.
      I’d love to read your sermon someday!

  3. Your post reinforces the ups and downs of life, Toni. Even those who have a good life, who are happy with life, go through personal trauma … which takes their emotions on a roller coaster ride.

    Blessings and Hugs to you – Maxi

    • Dear Dear Maxi, you always find a way to help me see everything I write in a different light. I adore that and adore you for it. I am just begining to accept that life’s ups and downs are all part of it. I am trying just to learn to roll with them and know that the sun wull shine again. I’m getting there and especially with support and guidance from wise women like you.

      Thank you simply for being you, and for sharing you with me.

  4. The blogging community is an incredibly supportive thing, it never ceases to amaze the compassion of others to lifes troubles, they dont know you truly and yet they know you better than others in your life, because of the honesty of posts in a virtually anonymous space. 🙂

    • Hello there! Thanks for visiting my blog. I am always amazed too by the loving support I find here at WP. I wonder if its the same on other blog sites. Its so true what you say aboout the gift of being anonymous, its the freedom of being real and raw that exposes the real us. I find I am attracted to real honesty from others so I think you are on to something there.

      I am so grateful you stopped by and opted to follow my blog. I always wonder wha brought people to my blog n the first place, whatever I hope you find it worthy to keep coming bacl~ BB

      • I used to be on another site (which I shan’t name for fear of offending wordpress and the force that is) 😉 but I do believe its something more, notable on this site in general. It seems there is an openess and honesty, a contact between bloggers that in my experience, is lacking on some other sites. I actually came to you after reading another blog and seeing your comments on the bottom of the page, the name was catchy and I liked what you’d written so, “Ta daa!” there I was, once again directed to another amazing blog to immerse myself in.

        • You delighted me! I love how you came to my blog, from anothers. I am really kind of fascinated to hear this about other sites. I found this true on forums as well.
          Thanks for coming back and hope to you more~

  5. I think whining is fine, BB, but bouncing back very important. Seems you bounced back today. I truly hope you don’t have pains today, are well today.

    • Dearest Noleen, sweetie thank you so much for taking the tme to come and visit. Your time with me means the moon and the stars. I’m bounced back, back in my saddle riding much higher today. Thankfully by listening to myself yesterday I am not paying for it today. That’s the bonus!

      Hugs to you and your darling Daniel~

  6. Howdy, Tj! I’m glad you’re glad, how’s that?!! I agree with you that the love and support here is mind-boggling–I was floored on 6/28, to receive such compassionate responses to my “un-veiled” pain about it being my anniversary (though I’ve been divorced forever). Who’d a thunk it??? God bless you all day long–much love, sis Caddo

    • Hey there my darling sis Caddo~ a few tomes in one day. I love it. Isn’t it amazing what we bring to one another? It’s amazing thing that we have hear and I almost hesitate to share with non=bloggers because of fear that that one seed will change it all. Of course I don’t selfishly keep it to myself because my enthusiasm seeps through. I have to share because its exciting and so healthy for us to have this outlet with friendships we buld, nurture and trust.

      I remember your post about your anniversary and how painful the day was. I get it. I was touched that day I read that post I ended up having a good cry fest. A cleansing healthy cry fest because of what you shared. I am just learning that its a safe place to place to share those raw painful moments.

      Thanks for being here for me Caddo, in ways that I will not even share here. You are the best and your kindness not only overwhelms me it touches me deeply.

      My intense fondness Lady!!

    • Friendship, what a wonderful thing! Thanks so much for having my back. I hope always to have yours as well.
      I love your outlook, by not celebrating I was honoring my body. I appreciate that today. Now when I can get to where I appreciate it on the day of I’ll be wiser.
      Thanks so much for stopping by and providing me with that view point I did not have before. how awesome that it what friends are for!

  7. There sure is something magical and cleansing about talking about how we feel. I can’t explain it, but it is one of the small miracles in life I sure enjoy!!! Glad you made it through with lots of love!!!

    • Oh Cee you have that spot on. Magical is the perfect word. Venting those feelings versus stuffing them certainly leaves us with a better outcome. I just wish I could keep that in mind just before I go to stuff, you know what I mean?

      Thanks my dear Oregon sister, hope you are taking care of Cee and being kind to yourself for me. gentle hugs my best buddy~ BB

  8. I am behind on reading my blogs again and Flipboard always gives me the most recent first, so I have not read you “whiny” blog yet. My experience, however, is that our bloggy friends, just like our in-person friends, are very supportive, understanding and non-judgemental. Just as we all hope friends will be. It is a treasure, this bloggy world of ours, and I am very happy you are on a more even keel today. Here’s to happiness prevailing!

    • Hi Carol, I have missed you Lady! It’s so good to see your smiling face, you light up my day.
      You’re so right that our blogging family memebers like you who reach out and lend a loving ear are the best. Not something I ever expected from creating and keeping a blog. Its a definite living community that we are part of.
      I’m so glad that you are part of mine Carol.~ BB

  9. Ohhhhhh…..this reminds me of a “humorous” (but subtly serious, too) little booklet I created several years ago …when I was sooooo tired of being optimistic….a tiny, tiny little 5 minute break from having a “good” attitude…take a look…spilt milk and all : ) …. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72tHphRGplQ&feature=plcp Sometimes, we all take a break from the “glad game”….and then wake up the next day with our perspectives realigned….

      • You are soo sweet amd much too good to me. Yet how do I tell you how much I am appreciative of your kindess. Reaching out like this is a such a loving positive human thing to do. You make being friends with you really easy. I adore friendships that are nurturing and recipricol. Thank you again. I have copied the links into an email to myself so that when I am done reading comments I can sit back with a cuppa of tea and enjoy and absorb. You’re the best !

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