Share Your World Week #30

This weeks SYW (Share Your World) entry was posted late with my blessings. Although Cee had no way of knowing that by being behind (per Cee) she was giving me the great gift of time. Our 13-year-old grand son T* arrived this weekend for a month’s visit and as I was rather taken with this handsome young man, he ended up being our entire weekend!

“And happily so!”, says his Nana!

As soon as he walked in the door I saw the change, and it was not just that he is taller than his 6 ‘2″ tall Papa. At just 13 years old T* very well could reach his great uncle’s 7 foot height, T* also has had a slow grace finally come into his actions. He no longer moves about like the colt who is just trying to find his legs. He also has a much deeper voice that now matches how tall  he has always been. People mistakes T*”s age because he’s so tall, and complete strangers have been doing so since he was about 10 years old. He holds up his end of a conversation so well that I would let him be included in almost any adult conversation that a group of people were discussing today. O am so proud of him I could bust.

So much changes happen with children in just such a few months. T* was here in March for a week of his spring break. In just 3 short months talks on the phone never spoke of the changes that were happening to him, that he was growing to be such a fine young man does not surprise me. That it happens in such a short time has blown me completely away. It shouldn’t, I have spent time away from my grandchildren enough to know that they grow without me being there with them.  How dare them, eh? I cannot stop them and God knows how  I have tried. 🙂  But that T* has grown so much – so fast  – was a surprise. So many changes all at once (it feels like to me) are remarkable &  extraordinary. He’s my only boy in our family of all girls and he’s my light. Watching him grow and being part of his life has meant that I have been able to be privy to what makes a good man in this world happen.

My busy weekend would never have allowed me the time to write and enjoy SYW questions as I do when I can take my time to answer. I dislike feeling rushed. So from my heart to your’s Cee thank you for this, and I do hope you were able to enjoy our lovely weather and that is why you were felling behind.

Lots on my mind this post, maybe I should turn in to two posts…… But I won’t.

Colorado Fires have been breaking my heart~

I have been thinking about Cee & Chris so much when I watch the news about their beloved Colorado, and now the fires. I do hope that no one they know and love are being affected by the fires. I also pray and hope that my bestie’s children and grand children are safe. Just returning home to the states after a tour in Peru they do not need this either in their lives. But who does? It’s just that this family is dear to me. I was listening to some of the victims who lost their homes and thanked God it was not them. I’ve lit my prayer candle yesterday for all the homeowner’s, their children, and the entire state.. If you can send thoughts, prayers & energy to these people who all seem to know that it was just things they lost.I admire their humbleness.  That they have their lives and the lives of their family members is all that counts.

President Obama has declared the areas as disastrous zones so help from our government is finally coming. If anyone would like to send help to these families who have lost everything you may do so through the link below. It is a link sponsored by CBS News so you should have some sense of credibility if sending monetary donations. These people need everything, especially personal items such as clothing, toiletries, etc..

Here is the CBS link:

I do hope I have not lost you!

Now onto this weeks fun questions.

  • You are invited to a party that will be attended by many fascinating people you never met.  Would you attend this party if you were to go by yourself?

Me? No way! It’s not my style First I am not much of a party attendee. I’d only go to something like this if it was work related and I had no choice. Never mind for social reasons. 

  • If you were the original designer of one existing corporate logo, which one would you select?

Oh Gosh, something else I find hard to choose. Logo and brand names I really don’t do. I’m not even sure I know of any. That being said; I actually have a pair of prescription eye glasses that the frames are Calvin Klein. Not because of the name were they chosen, but because I love the frames was the reason. I hid the case which  came with them but bears the brand name. I;m not doing anyone’s advertising for them, Thank you…

So my answer will be ….Let’s see…..this is stretching for me.. I’ll say… Levi Strauss Jeans. Nah.. not Calvin!

  • If you could be a student of any university in the world right now, where would you enroll?  irregardless of which university assume they teach what you want to study.

Oxford. I’d love the old vintage ambiance of the campus. I love the history. It would be my fantasy. I’m giggling at irregardless too ( I know you are having a wonderful belly giggle, my bestie.  [private joke so please forgive me] ), must have been written by a Oregonian, eh?

  • If you had to spend one weekend alone in a single public building or institution, which building would you choose?

Yeah!! One I have not had to think one second about! The answer for me would be a Library without a doubt. Bring me food, water, and my pillow  I could exist the rest of my life there. And Happily So!

I hope you enjoyed the Share Your World questions and if you are up for the challenge please join us all each week. We have a blast sharing with one another the questions our author and founder Cee sets out for us each week. The Share Your World (SYW) link is at Cee’s blog: Cee’s Life Photography @

Thanks so much Cee for another weeks amazingingly fun questions. I was really stumped by a couple questions this week.. Good job on that~

Please, come join the fun!


21 thoughts on “Share Your World Week #30

    • Oh Tess my dear you may add anything your heart desires or that your fingers tap out to say. You are always such a welcome sight to behold.
      Thank you for such a kind thing for you to say~ You’re the best!

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  3. Those darned grandkids just grow up so fast, don’t they? The tallness runs in our family, so my son was about that height at that age, as was my brother. I was tall enough in high school to hear a lot of “how’s the air up there?”, of which I got so sick, I could have screamed! Your answers were great, love these peaks into each others lives.

    • I so am grateful for your share Carol about being tall and teased. Its a perspective I have not thought concerning my very tall boy. I wonder now if we make too much of fuss over him being tall. Of course we have never said such cheeky thing like that to him – we really celebrate his growth. He has played basketball competitivily since 6 yrs old, wants to play in college, and professionally. Yet I see your point and realize I have a conversation that has been needed to happen for a while. Thanks so much for this wonderful insight.

  4. The wild fires in Colorado are weird. We saw the owners of a B&B (in Manitou Springs) interviewed on TV. We used to know them and stay there from time to time. It brought back a lot of memories. Thanks for your concern and mention. I also loved your answers!!! Welcome back my friend to SYW!!!!!!!

    • I can not think about the fires without thinking about you. I have a friend who has a son and daughter-in-law who just moved to littleton. I have to keep an eye on the news. I just saw our weather forcast for the week and its going to heat up into the 90;s this next week.
      I’ll be spending my time you know where!

  5. Loved your answers! 😀 I also so enjoyed reading about your grandson. It is so amazing how our young loved ones grow up and mature. I see that in my son in this last year. Being I’m with him all the time, it’s not the same as when you haven’t seen them for a while, but still makes me so proud to see the man he is becoming. I can so relate to your post. 😀

    • Thank you so very much for sharing a tid bit about your son. You’re right that they grow so fast. Sadly so I want to say but that’s not true, so maybe bittersweet would be a better word, yes? They have so much to offer our world. We are blessed to be sure.

      I’m delighted you came by, love seeing SYW friend’s each week. and I’m especially pleased to see your share.~ BB

  6. wow, great interesting answers. Love that you would take a pillow and spend the rest of your life in a library. I like libraries too, but spending time alone there? mmmm…no.

    • Hi marina, yes, I’d be happy as a lark in a tree in a library all night. I’d feel surrounded by comfort and love with books everywhere. It would feel almost like home but home is a much smaller scale of course. I find great comfort in words, and books bring the best.

      Thanks so much for your visit. It means a lot to see SYW family members each week. Take care~ BB

  7. Touched by the visit with your grandson, Toni. Although, it must be hard on him at times to be so much taller than friends and classmates.

    It’s impossible to ignore the Colorado fires, it tears at my heart. Let us pray…

    Blessings to you, friend – Maxi

    • Happy 4th Maxi Love!
      You know what? I am a bit ashamed. It has not occurred to me that my grandson’s height could be a bother for him. Thank you kind grandmother. I am going to have a gentle conversation with him. We’re going shopping for shorts and tank tops so that’s always been a time for us to talk.
      I’m really so grateful you mentioned this, being 13 is hard enough. Thankfully his real passions are basketball firt, then football. His size is celebrated there. He has been playing and playing well since he was 6 yrs old so he has some self esteem wrapped up around his sports. He’s so cute with how how proud he is.
      Are kids just not the best!!

      Absolutely we will pray for the fires to be easily sniffed out, praying for the firefighters, and praying for Mother Nature to cooperate.

      God’s blessing my friend~

  8. Nice Answers my Lady, and on your post all those fires, I have sent a few messages to people in Colorado, lucky not affecting them at mo’. As for logo’s likewise, I will not wear a T’shirt with a logo on the do not pay me lots of money so why should I promote them for nowt’… Enjoyed thanks.. 😉

    • Happy 4th Gerry! I know you seem to recognize it although I don’t know for sure if you celebrate it (?) Curious thing holidays.

      You are such a kind and gentle soul, to even have the fires on your radar across the pond impresses me highly. Your awareness of current events is just one of the things I find so interesting about you and your blog. Wild fires like that are a big part of our summer & Fal here in the high desertl, so far we have been lucky. It’s a hard thing to swallow all that land being burnt, but then when you hear that it was started by man…it really upsets me. Even if it happened out of carelessness it makes me angry,

      I somehow know without knowing that you are not a logo man either. It is a part of advertising I despise and will have no part of it either. I also do not buy brand name clothes except for Levi jeans for my husband, it’s all he wears.

      Thanks for stopping by my friend~ You are always a very welcome sight!

      Proofreading and as I was doing so I realized I lied about logos. I do to wear some. I have Beattles T-shirts that are silk screen copies of different album covers. My fave is the Rubber Soul cover. Oops!!

  9. Great post, Baroness–You and I may run into each other at the library!! Glad you had a nice visit with T–hope you’re well rested. God bless you abundantly–love, sis Caddo (my SYW is coming up)

    • Happy 4th of July Sis Caddo!!
      The library we’ll be. That’s perfect, I cannot think of nicer company. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness, you make liking you so easy. I just posted my SYW late yesterday, now I will get to read yours and all the others. I refuse to read anyone’s before doing my own post first just so my answers are truly mine and not influenced by other answers.

      Take care and have a happy blessing filled day, and safe and sound.

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