Life Guide [Shared By RePost]

Image Created By Mushy Cloud 6.28.2012

The above image is created by blogging sister of ours;  Mushy Cloud, whose blog and more wonderful posts like this can be found on her own blog @ 

I encourage you my lovely sisters and fine brothers to take some time out of your blogging day to visit her blog and check out what she has going on. Trust me that you’ll be inspired, you’ll laugh, you’ll learn,  and you may even cry. You will be reading an authentic soul writing what is real and honest in her world.

I am not one for reposting or reblogging a lot and having made what I considered months ago a firm stand to not reblog or repost. I have obviously seen the error of my ways. There are too many talented authors and creative souls here at WP to not once in a while celebrate a blogger who touches me.  I am celebrating my friend and advisor Mushy Cloud. This talented and amazing blogger is someone who has the most positive and uplifting attitude towards life that she inspires my own creative wings to keep right on soaring. 

And soaring…….

 This is the kind of image, expression, adage, or affirmation that I look for to bring in to my life. I believe having words and messages around us like this one are vital to good emotional health. Gentle reminders that help keep me grounded and reminding me that our lives can see so much more if we just open our selves to faith. Faith that the more I learn, the more I absorb, the more often I remove blinders, the richer and brighter my own small world will be. The idea of being purposeful when creating in ethical terms is not something I had put two and two together about. Of course I want my work to be ethical, to be completely mine, and something that I would not be ashamed to show my two daughters. Enjoying what I create is easy for me. This one I’m on board with all ready. My creativity, my writing, my art, this is what helps keeps me sane and on an even keel when dealing with a life of chronic illness that fights every day to take over. By being creative I fight back, by learning something new I am fighting back. By writing everyday I am fighting back. I fight back every day and bloggers that post such incredibly powerful messages such as this help me keep that good fight going.  I’m enjoying every minute of it. When I have not been able to be creative in some way I find myself craving to do so, and if there is something in my way I am finding that I tend to get grumpy, surly that I am not able to sit at my art table, or work on my laptop. I have to snap myself and remember that its not always about moi.  I know I have probably said it before, no doubt have written about it before; I need these creative outlets. They are part of my treatment modalities. They are part of my life. They are part of me.

Thank you my friend at Mushy Cloud. You keep on creating and keep on advising (even though you have no clue what so ever that I take this as advice) and you keep on staying in touch with life through your words. You have so much to share! I look forward to being inspired through your blog and your words for some time.


10 thoughts on “Life Guide [Shared By RePost]

        • You are so sweet and thoughtful to ask. Thanks so much Jules. I am actually doing so much better this week that I see the end in sight finally. ZIts the first week since the procedure that I am not hurting 24/7. I almost feel foolish whining except I know that Ming knows this even more than I do. Spine pain is not for sissies! LOL… 🙂 please tell him I said so,tht he is my hero.

          It means a lot to me that you asked, hugs my friend to you~ xoxo

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