Purposeful & Inspired

Not sure when this actually happened, or really why it happened. I just found it today and I am still learning that sometimes it is just because.

Starting my day out with an award from a blogging buddy who I am always amazed by. What he shares on his blog is a pretty cool way to begin any day. His fabulous and moving art, his provocative and tellings shares, his funny stories, and quite possibly the most endearing aspect I find is his rebel ways.

In some way this blogger who creates on his blog Strange Trip Times @ http://strangetriptimes.wordpress.com/2012/06/24/inspiring/  has found reasons to award me The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I am very thankful and grateful for his thoughtfulness.



This blogger has blown me away with his art to be sure, which I happen to find to my taste.  Once I started reading his posts I discovered a guy who is not afraid to be in touch with what he feels. I know this not because I know him personally; I know it because his writing tells his readers what he’s thinking and how he is feeling about those thoughts. I find this rare for the gents in my generation to share like this. When I read his posts they either reach a place in the heart or mind, or he will post something that is a funny and that gives me a good belly laugh. And.. I find his rebellious statements about life and the world incredibly thought-provoking.   I have to remind myself that this is a man of my own world, a Baby Boomer.  I have to remind myself that this is not a man of Hemingway’s world. I think that you would find his blog fascinating,  His is one of the first blogs I started to follow as a newbie to blogging.

Now on to the award. I am supposed to reveal seven (why seven I wonder)  things about myself and then also nominate 10 to 12 others. I liked the way that my Awarder presented his requirements. Neat and tidy, to the point. I so wish sometimes that I was organized in that way. But it’s my reality that I’m coming to terms with that I am not comfortable unless I have a bt of clutter. Piles of books, magazines, art supplies, yarn and crocheted projects all help to allow my safe being to be in place. OH! ..Oh…I could have used that as one of the seven things to reveal about myself . I’ll never have a tidy desk, and I’ll always write hundreds of more words than I really may need to. I’ll not ever create a tidy and neat post that is well-organized, that is not who I am,. Despite that I admire this so much  in others.

Awarding others is bittersweet. I want to name you all and having to choose is painful. I follow these blogs for good reasons, not just because I can. If you find that you have not visited any of these Blogs that I name here I have to say I think you’re missing out. Drop by and have a look-see, I think you’ll find some really talented people from all walks of life,  and from all over this wide world.

To these bloggers that I recognize here today please know that it is indeed done so in the spirit of finding inspiration from you and your blogs. This kind of inspiration is what helps set  our own creative wings soaring. Thank you for that today, and for everyday knowing that we are just one click away from finding absolute inspiration.

Drumroll for……..

I am awarding each and every one of the Blogs that I follow on a regular basis along with these mentioned. Please know that if your blog name is not listed it is not because you are not deserving. In most cases I think I am doing you a favor by not having you repeat the same awards, over & over again. And then there are some of you for reasons of your own who openly accept the acknowledgement but they have reasons for not participating. Good reasons, and not meant to slight any award or awardees. Other wise all your names would be added here,


Seven Self Reveals:

 I am also going to try to adopt the style of participation that the blogger who awarded me used. I actually find that this is done in the name of Inspiration. He has inspired me to be more raw and real with my own reveal. Kind of scary……..

So Cheers to my Inspiring Blogger who has indeed inspired me to be real, and to be raw.

  • I am survivor and thriver of childhood sexual abuse.

  •  I sadly have the tendency to be judgemental of parents who let someone else raise their children.

  •  My mother, father, both maternal and paternal grandparents drank to the point if it becoming a disease in them.

  •  I do not drink

  •  I grew up in a chaotic and violent home.

  •  I left home and was on my own at age 15

  •  I am happily married to the best man this Baroness could ever have hoped for. My Baron, the father of our two daughters. They, who were the minority in the school regarding parental relationships. Our girls had parent’s that had chosen to be together forever, and as best friends. Our home is a happy home still 42 years later. Today they still think that it’s  pretty cool. 

 The moral to this is that you do not have to become that which you came from.

My broken home as a child was a teaching ground for me while I was there. I knew exactly what I did not want my life as an adult to become. I did not have a choice as a child. As an adult, albeit an emancipated one at age 15, I had a choice. And I was and still am living by my choice.


19 thoughts on “Purposeful & Inspired

    • You’re so sweet! It’s sincerely always such a delight to find that you have stopped by Angie. I feel terrible that I have not been making the rounds Like I normally do. I am grateful for you not giving upon me.

      Take care friend~ BB

  1. I thank you greatly, and I know it a little late, but I have done a post in honour of your nomination, But as I write I realise you have responded. Thank you….

    • Messages crossing over another seem to happen often. No worries ever. You are so very welcome and so deserving. Thanks so much for all the inspiring ways you share with us. Talent goes a long way when shared.

  2. Thank you for thinking of me and congratulations to you! I so admire the fact that you have made good choices despite the terrible pain you must have endured. You keep saying you are lucky to have married someone special ….that is rare what you have, but I think he is lucky too!!

    • Aww my husband is gonna love you!! And so do I. What a sweet thing to say Terri, thank you, thank you!

      Of course I thought of you when asked to think of my bloggers that inspire me. If it was not for you,and your blog urging me on in supportive ways I’d have folded ship and come ahore a long time ago. So you see, you really are doing this for me.

  3. Thank you for sharing your story. It’s a powerful seven. I understand why you have the pain of fibro, it strikes those who suffered in later childhood. Congratulations on the happy part. Thank you for following my blog & believe I have anything of import to say.
    Maybe its because I don’t take my photography & life that seriously. That is what the news is for. Thank you,

    • Thanks Amy, I opted to follow my awarder style of reveal, not my usual thing. i winder often if symptoms I had as child are related to the fibro. hmmm

      I love your blog because its beautiful art that I hope you take somewhat serious, at least in respect of knowing you are really good. I enjoy your blog because its beautiful and I get to just enjoy it.

      Please do not worry about the ward follow through. You can even just post the award badge and say youwere awarded and not add the rest. I think rules sometimes are meant to be broken and I always love a bit of rebellion if my frends.

  4. oh my….thank you so much….I’m thankful that you showed up “in my little corner of the world”…
    I’m many months behind in acknowledging lovely awards from other bloggers…it’s starting to be a clue that perhaps I might be having some difficulty with coming to terms with accepting positives…oh dear, I think that might be so…I might “procrastinate,” but not this much…but thank you dear barefoot baroness for sharing your appreciation… : )

    • Sweetie I am just happy you accepted. No worries about the so called follow through. It matters none to me. If fact it does matter to me if you are feeling stressed by it. Just sit back and enjoy the love it was sent with. I meant what I said about your being inspiring to me. I do not needyou to post about this award as long as you can accept its sincereity.

      Enjoy, bask in the adoration maybe?

  5. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You are the sweetest person ever. That YOU might find ME inspirational leaves me astunded. YOU are the inspirational one. I hate to mention that I am six behind on my award shelf and cupboard ribbon-cutting. I’m trying to be a good citizen. I’m simply s–l-o-w-.

    As blown away as I am by your thoughtfulness, I shall break all the rules of usual acceptance, not because I’m lazy but because I would like to forward this award to all my faithful followers even though I have not been consistant in the recent past. You ALL deserve the Very Inspiring Blogger Award–every one of YOU. Take up the banner and GO for it. I take pride in passing it on to ALL my followers. Go for it.

    • Awww Tess… of curse you inspire me. With every post. and comment. How could I read your posts and comments without having them inspire me?
      Women who have the courage to be honest with not only them selves but others are inspiring to me. Maybe it is because I was raised by women who were less than honest and real. Fakery in many ways seemed to rule the paths my mom’s peer group took. Not dis-respect intended towards her and her peeps, I know now they were doing what they thought was best. For who I have never reconciled with.

      Finding women who are honest, open, transparent in many ways,” what you see is what you get” kind of thing- holds so much signifigance for me that these are the kinds of things I find inspiring. You are the kind of women I like to surround myself with.

      Never doubt my affection and admiiration for you, okay? Hugs, Hugs!!

    • Judith you are an inspiration to me and that’s sincere in the giving of this award. I took the line my awarder took in my reveals. None of the less than raw stuff this time. I am thankful that you are not turned off by it. I took the risk that there are those I care about who now know me enough to learn these aspects as well.
      Transparecy this time of my life is just as important as it is to you. I spent too many years hiding my shame, that really was not my shame to begin with.

    • You my Dear Cee are most welcome and deserving. You inspire me everyday since meeting you. We both lve by choice and refuse to give in to our disease. Its importan that positives attach together~

  6. You touch my heart each time I come to your blog, Toni. You left home at 15 and here you are: loving, giving and sharing with all the world.

    Many hugs and blessings to you, my friend – Maxi

    • Oh Maxi, you have tears filling my eyelids. In a wonderful heart melting way. Thank you my kind and gentle friend for your loving words. The interesting thing about growing up in a home where life is chaos, that I knew early on that I had to leave if I was to save myself.

      As a mature, emotionally, and spiritually healthy adult I was able to get to a place of wonderful forgiveness for my mom. Most of my late 30’s and on were spent in great friendship with her. I relaized as an adult that she was altered. That there were issues out of her control. That my dad split when I was just 9 never excaped her. She died sill loving him.

      You lift me up with every word from you. You always, and I mean always delight me in ways I cannot find words for.
      God Bless you My Very Dear and Special friend. As I have said to you before I think, if we lived nearby we’d be fast and close friends for sure.

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