Who Would Believe A Child?

A Bellefonte, Pennsylvania  Jury did!

I’m breaking my time out from writing to say that I salute the victims who had the courage to come forward, to testify, and to stand by in solidarity waiting for a verdict. Your bravery to let your secret’s out are having impacts this very minute on victims who have not had the courage to speak ut. You have empowered!

My prayers are that these young men will find the paths needed for recovery start soon. Those of us who are victims who are now thriving know what a long road this haul can take. My hope, prayer’s, and wishes, are for these gentlemen to find these verdicts as just the beginning.

God Bless You All~ You are not alone

14 thoughts on “Who Would Believe A Child?

  1. What blows my mind, though, is that they acquitted on the one charge SEEN by an adult, saying he didn’t see penetration. If he hadn’t spoken up to begin with, this case would have never even seen the light of day!

    Although he (Mark) didn’t do as much as I personally thought he should have at the time, he at least DID something.

    • I agree that it seems unspeakable that this charge was acquitted. Not being privy to the entire testimony yet its hard for me to judge the jury. Let me read the transcript and then I’ll decide.
      But something was rotting for a long long time in that community. Thankfully these now young men are the heroes in their own trauma.

      • I was going to write one about the trial, but after reading yours it was all I needed to “get it out” My Dad had a solution for people that hurt children. let them slide down a razor blade slide into a pool of antiseptic. Let it heal just until it scabs then let them slide again. Well he belonged in the dark ages on that one….but it just gets maddening to see so much of this horror. Wishing you the best, Terri

        • I so love your dad! You are so blessed to have had him in your life, to influence you in ways no one else could. I him in everthing you write like I knew him personally. Its from your writing about your dad that has let me learn what an awesome man he was.

          I like his idea of punishment, something smilar to the one I have fantascized about for years. The perp is taken in the woods, far off from anyone else. Strip him, have him drench his body in honey. Strap him to a tree and leave. Just leave. Inhumane?
          I frankly don’t care when it comes to a body taking our children and doing with them as they choose. There is little compassion in me for the monsters that find their way to our children hundreds of times a day. Little to none.

          Your dad and I would have been great frinds I can tell. A man after my own heart when it comes to children.
          No wonder I like you so much, kind of a chip off the old block as they say….

          Good seeing you back my friend!

          • You and my Dad LOOOOOOOOOOOOOng conversations. YOu would have laughed a lot. When he said it he meant it. I remember when he told me that he was very grave. I was just a kid …it must have been something on the news that moved him. It is unspeakable the evil of it. Terri

  2. I’m not aware of this story, Barefoot Baronness, but from what you write, it seems justice is smiling like a hot sun in the sky. It sounds good, and this is a wonderful post. I just hope, hope, they see this post somehow.

    • These crimes of child sexual abuse, all 48 charges spanned over a 15 year period is something we should turn our heads over. The perp was an assistant coach for college football. This college was number 1 for years both in sports and academia. The coach also used a non-profit agency that he helped find to recruit and then groom his victims. It’s one of the most appalling cases our country has to be asahmed of. For years these then young boys tried to tell and so needed to be believed. Even the local police stuck their heads in the sand because it was the great Univesity Of Penn State.
      Disgusting really.

      But the boys who are young men now have been heard, and they were believed!!

  3. This verdict is the first day of the victim’s new life. Hopefully it will lead them toward a new path, one of healing.
    Blessings – Maxi

    • It’s the first step in the young men involved and their families to healing I pray. I pray too that this is a step in the direction that our country as a whole is standing up and saying; “We beleive you!”

      • Amen! Enough of the excuses enough of the ‘you must have misunderstood’ enough of the ‘how can you say that about such a nice man?” thank god the jury did the right thing.

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